Girl House

The movie begins with logging on to a porn website, which in turn leads to scenes of implied pornography. I use the term implied because you never actually see anything more than a rated R film (not even a nipple). Next we are greeted with a direct quote from one of America’s most prolific serial killer Ted Bundy, “I’ve met a lot of men who were motivated to commit violence. Every one of them was deeply involved in pornography… Porn can reach in and snatch a kid out of any house today. It snatched me out of mine.”
The next scene is a young man being chased by two young girls. The little boy tries to hide over and over again, when confronted he admits he has never kissed a girl. He is bullied by the girls, then the more ring leader makes him an offer he cannot refuse.
The young man gets his revenge in a manner that may seem to be gruesome or mean to some and just to others. I for one felt it was neither gruesome but a bit over zealous for the bullying. This is where the movie takes a turn into the digital age. We jump to a young woman (Kylie) in front of her webcam taking orders in a private chat room. We find out she is actually considering being a webcam girl.
Kylie decides in order to help her mom she will go through with it. She meets with the president and CEO who goes on to tell her how “GirlHouse” the most secure website of its kind online. That right there tells you this poor group of girls is going to be in trouble. Kylie arrives at the house and meets Steve the head of security. Upon moving in, Kylie begins to meet her roommates, including Devon “the resident mean girl”.
Kylie bonds with her roommates over dinner, which they are relay their back stories. After dinner Kylie, begins her first actual show. Where she garnishes the attention of few guys, who she treats to slow dance, along with the other girls in the house. We see men and boys a like across the world enjoying Kylie’s show. We come to a settle in Charlotte with a guy calling his friend over to see Kylie. The friend who we find out is named Ben was

schoolmate of Kylie and has been in love with her since kindergarten.
Kylie receives a message from “Loverboy”, Kylie promised to log back on at 4pm the next day and blows him a kiss. We see “Loverboy” rewind the video and print out a still. We learn quickly that “Loverboy” has an obsession with all the ladies of “GirlHouse”. We come back to Ben and his friend talking about Kylie going to school 70 miles away, his friend telling him, “Go get his dream girl.” Next we see someone break into the compound and watch the girls through various windows, before entering the house. The intruder is former girl, who then begs for her job back.
We come back to “Loverboy” who has a mannequin which he talks to like she is the former girl. Kylie returns to her normal life at school during the day where she runs into Ben. Who tries to be cute and sweet but comes off a bit awkward but still manages to land a date. When Kylie sees the time she realizes she is late for her “date” with “Loverboy” and rushes back to the house. He tells her he just wants to talk. When he send her a picture, Kylie becomes worried and cuts it short, then goes on a date with Ben. Ben confides in his friend that he’s going to tell Kylie how he really feels. We next find “Loverboy”, he is checking out a woman on his worksite. Who than catches him looking up her skirt and confronts him.
We come back to Ben and Kylie after their movie on their second date. He admits their meeting wasn’t random and he knows about “GirlHouse”. When confronted that she will not quite, Ben accepts it and decides to continue his relationship with Kylie. We come back to “Loverboy” who has replaced all the girls’ pictures with just Kylie. When he cannot find her on any camera he tunes into Devon’s camera and begins to ask question after question regarding Kylie. Devon blocks him and he moves on to other girls in the house asking about Kylie. He finds the picture that he sent to Kylie printed out and made into a joke. At this point he begins to hack the site, and destroy his mannequin. When Kylie comes home she finds her computer screen reads “NOT NICE”.
This is when the violence begins, the secure site of the security team is broken into and all the members killed…
It’s here I will cut off my synopsis, of the film. I don’t want to give away who lives and who dies. I really enjoyed the film, one of the biggest pros for me was a film finally stepping into digital age. Some horror/thrillers have touched on it or even used computers, Untraceable being the one that most sticks out. This film though uses some of the things previous ones have missed on in my opinion. While at its core the film is still a slasher, and a very good one at that, it uses technology in an age where we all use technology every day. The characters were very believable. The story flowed nicely and at a decent pace. The violence some may see it as over the top I felt was on par for this generation of horror. Some young men will enjoy the film for its abundance of nudity. I for one will not bury the film for its use of nudity only for the fact that it is needed in the premises of what the ladies do. The camera angles and picture quality were well done also, I never once felt this movie is to dark, which a lot of horror movies are doing now a days. So in closing, I would definitely recommend this to fans of the genre who will not be put off by some gore, violence and boobs.


reviewed by Shawn

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