Frankenstein’s Hungry Dead (2013)

Let me start off by saying this film is an independent film with a running time of 76 minutes. The movie begins with two teens, one young lady and one a young man. The young lady is seen sleeping in her bed tossing and turning. The male is seen wondering around what appears to be a wax museum filled with horror movie icons. We can see almost immediately the boy is up to no good as he removes a can of spray paint from his back pack. Just as he is ready to get started he is grabbed and drug away.

We open to a girl Kathrine getting ready for school, when she arrives we meet a teacher who is extremely rude for a teacher. Who be littles all the students, than gives them the choice to stay in detention for the next month of attend the Wax Museum in their town of Salem, Massachusetts. This is where we meet “Mr. Frank” who is the owner of the museum and is giving them a tour. Not even a few minutes into the tour and the students are all already complaining about the smell and how bored they are.

Ashley (The “Party girl”) is shown as having a bad home life, with her alcoholic, verbally abusive father. Ashley leaves the house and meets up with her boyfriend Colton. They had planned earlier in the day to return to the wax museum and have sex. They begin to make out and Colton realizes that one of the exhibits is moving. At this point the rest of the detention class and Zoey’s current fling “Vermin” reveals themselves with the exception of Kathrine.

We see Mr. Frank injecting the body of the guy from the beginning of the film. At this point Kathrine shows up who is bullied by the group. At this point the group breaks up into 3 couples leaving Kathrine alone. As the couples indulge is sex and dancing (shot in a very choppy scene. With the camera work all over the place) Kathrine tries to make her way out. Ashley goes to get Zoey to turn off her music and at this point Colton is grabbed.
Mr. Frank takes Colton and throws him into a room filled with his creations which begin to eat him. Kathrine makes her way outside to find her teacher has come back. Mr. Frank decides to teach the teenagers a lesson. He cuts the arm off the missing boy (which is a Halloween store arm). As the teacher makes his way to the building the group of Zoey, Ashley, Kathrine and Vermin go to find the rest of the group.

In the meantime Mr. Frank throws the switch to bring life his “perfect human”. When it doesn’t work a removed head in a tin begins ridicule his lack of ability to succeed. Mr. Frank and the head who he calls Fritz argue over the accident that lead to Fritz being a head. They continue to argue with stupid banter that has nothing to do with the story and is not funny.

We come back to Sam and Troy who are having sex. They believe their friends found them, but it appears to me more of Mr. Frank’s failed experiments. It is at this point the killing starts. As are cast dies, like the original Frankenstein, Mr. Frank selects body parts to build his “Perfect Human”. Mr. Frank makes work of the teens till only one remains. He uses the parts he collects and puts them into his “Perfect Human”.

The monster comes to life and turns on Mr. Frank, releases the sole survivor and they make their way outside. At this point we see a flash back showing that Kathrine and Ryan (The missing boy) we a couple. The movie ends with Ryan (Now Mr. Frank’s Monster) and Kathrine walking off into the sunset.
“Some Time Later” We see Colton’s severed head in a tin try like Fritz earlier in the film. He making different smiles asking, “What do you think, Ash? What?” We see Ashley’s severed head in a tin tray next to him where she mumbles, “You know what!” Colton
blames her for all of this. They have an exchange for a few minutes which is the funniest part of the film.  

The experiments appear to be normal people with some (cheap) Halloween style make up. A few of the special effects were impressive for a low budget film, at one point one person is killed by having his intestines pulled out. The camera work for the most part was good, the acting was on par for what the movie was. Though some of the dialogue was lacking at times. It was as if the writer spent more time developing the story and little time to no time thinking of how to present it. The movie comes across as a zombie film at times with the monsters biting and eating the teens. Overall the movie was entertaining for a quick escape from reality.

reviewed by Shawn

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