Found footage films are today's go to for any horror movie director completely knocking zombies back to a second place. If your asking how can that be possible that zombies are in second and be so popular. Well granted they are popular it doesn't make them the hardest thing to film, you can easily take your friends and throw fake blood on them and call them zombies that's how easy it is. Now take the concept of a found footage film and you can take random strangers and make them movie stars over night but that is if you can make a decent and successful found footage film.

 Now with this film your wondering how can you not pull off a decent and successful film? Well let me be the first to say that in the movie itself after the group falls through the floor and ends up in a room that is said to smell of crap. It becomes apparently clear that even without passing judgment that a character in the movie clearly just summed up this film in the first few moments of the movie, this is going to be crap. I mean you have a hard time believing this because you have Alexandre Aja's name attached as a producer and you have The Hills Have Eyes remake, Mirrors and most recently Horns but with his name attached to this film can't even remotely save this film from journeying to the depths of the underworld to join the dead.

 The Pyramid starts off like any other found footage film does with something telling us the viewer that what we are about to see is the footage found from the dig site and is the last images known to them of the team that was on site. Pieced together like most found footage films that tend to have the flair of starting off like a normal movie we learn that the year of the film is dated for 2013 and riots have erupted in the streets of Cairo. All while the scientific/archaeological father-daughter team are in the middle of the desert digging up a pyramid that unlike other pyramids that are four sided this one in particular is three sided all ready setting up the viewer to say why are you there when you know when something's different it never ends well. After being told they have 24 hours to leave the site due to on-going issues with the people of Egypt and riots and fearing the team would become hostages or victims of a religious war.  They soon discover an opening and like always no one has a conscious to go no. They have to go look.

 Now granted a horror movie wouldn't be all too entertaining if the characters did whatever the viewer said. I mean you can't have an hour and half and end the movie in the first 15 minutes of the film. No that's why horror movies are predictable and this was no different. The cast of characters are systematically picked off one by one by means of traps, other worldly creatures, curses and most dread thing of all a virus. But the one thing that killed this movie of all is plain and simple and its the CGI that was used to bring the creatures to live and as painfully obvious as it could be the monsters don't look like anything remotely told to us via history or how they are explained in the film. Puzzling as how things are meant to be considered cats end up looking more like naked New York City sewer rats.

 If your a fan of mummy films and are expecting to find mummy's involved in this film because the trailer made it seem that way sorry to disappoint but the trailer is made to make you believe that is the concept of the movie but its not. There is something else at work inside the pyramid but to practically tell you would be like me giving you the answer to a history test on Ancient Egypt and well I am not going do that. I won't sugar coat this and tell you its a good movie when it is not. So if your going to watch this then trust me when I say again your disappointment will be at an all time high and make you wish you rented or purchased something else. I'll admit I liked the stories idea but the fact that it mucked up with everything that's so predictable it killed it for me. My disappointment for this film only makes me wish Hollywood just put the found footage genre to rest and let it stay there for the next 20 to 30 years just long enough for us to get the hell out of the new 3D generation.         


reviewed by Bucky

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