Exists (2014)

This year there's been a lot of found footage films that have graced mostly the small screens in our homes and other devices we would use to watch them. Now this is a very easy kind of film many will say to make cause all you need is a camera and the ability to just shake the camera uncontrollably. This year also saw a few bigfoot films bringing the legend from the background to the forefront of films. Let's face it the only time we would normally see Bigfoot on film would be that supposed not faked footage or thanks to Syfy making a new movie every week and when they run the well dry they go back to the old well of what they already did. But this film was hyped for me before I got my hands on it.
Now I will admit this year I have watched my fair share of found footage films and though I didn't review some compared to others is cause to me most of these films tend to be the same crap over and over again. So to have an open mind can be a good yet bad thing for me to do a review on cause let's face how many times can I say this was a bad movie or this was a good movie before I go okay this movie is similar to this. But with Exists this was a decently shot found footage film cause your not dealing with ghosts, aliens or backwoods killers. No this film takes a urban legend and gives us a spin that we won't see coming. Cause though there are cases documented about Bigfoot attacks NOT everyone has seen sasquatch.
So the movie starts off with two brothers who are on a trip with a group of friends to go have a wild party in the woods. Though they seem harmless but ignorant as they set one of the friends beard on fire with a lighter as their prank distracts the driver to have him hit something that causes not enough damage to the car but enough to scare them into getting to the cabin a little faster as they arrive close to it they come across a tree that's been knocked down on their path and they are forced to have to walk through the woods at night to find the cabin. It becomes clear that their uncle owned the cabin and upon arrival in it they notice that he must've left in a hurry to get away from something in the woods. As the day progresses the one brother notices something in the woods is watching them as he films two of his friends fooling around in the woods but no one wants to believe him as his paranoia kicks in. Oh yeah have to mention if your smoking weed and you see something that's kind of hulking and furry from head to toe your going to get paranoid as all hell.
Now his paranoia spins onto the legend of bigfoot walking around  the woods and may be stalking them for some reason. Its believed at first that they may of hit it and its after them. But when they have no cell phone reception in the middle of no where. Not shocked cause it happens in every horror movie. But we get to see the speed of the beast as it chases one of the brothers down as he tries to flee it on bike but only falls victim to it. During the night it attacks them in the cabin, claiming another victim and causing damage though its wounded by a gun shot. It flee's and they wait till the next day to move on despite having no choice but to leave their dead friend behind. Now the fact they used the night vision to film a certain part of the film was perfect cause your left wondering what could be behind them, in front of them or anywhere. But when one has to crawl through a small opening into a pit of sorts to find his brother whose still alive but is being watched by the creature. It leads to a this is about to go bad real fast moment which it does as the beast is wounded again but now more pissed off then before.
With these films I can never find myself talking to myself about things like run, or get the hell out there. But this film had me a few times doing this. Now a movie that makes you do that its a good movie cause your invested in it. Your behind the characters and you want to see someone live or something to happen. Now the sasquatch having been shot again is enraged and after their cellphones get through to some and they set off a firework to signal who called them where they were. It appears through the fireworks smoke and charging at the one friend and after killing him it pushes over the camper they found in the woods over a small cliff and that's when the end is met for a few of them but one survives and he manages to get away but falls down another small hill and fakes his death. Using this method he clearly remembers from books he must've read or heard of it only pays off by him not getting hurt more but is dragged off as he passes out. He awakens to find himself laying next to his friends and then he discovers the real thing they had killed and why the bigfoot was going after them. Leading to a shocking ending that I wasn't expecting cause I honestly felt something different was going to happen.
This film is worth your time if your interested in seeing it. I definitely recommend it if your a fan of the found footage genre. I know not everyone likes this genre but you have to put it aside and just watch it cause I know this genre needs to be put to sleep soon. If your a fan of sasquatch horror films then this is a must to see cause you get to see the beast at the end and its true nature as something that shouldn't be bothered with. I was extremely pleased with this movie and I hope you go ahead and watch it. You can find it on Amazon Instant for rental as well as Target Rent. But I am sure you can find it somewhere else. Me and gang here even used it during our 31 Days of Horror event we held again this year. So don't wait go find this movie and watch it today!!!!!
reviewed by Bucky

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