Every now and then there comes that one movie that you've either heard of from other people that you talk to or that you've read about in magazines like Fangoria, Horrorhound or Rue Morgue and even the internet with such sites as or various other horror sites that are out there. This film here found its way to us via chatter around the world and movie festivals it was showcased in and then into the hands of Radius & Anchor Bay who we whole heartedly thank for giving us this chance to review this film for them. I'll admit when it comes to a foreign film it can tend to be extremely better than our own films and I don't know why but I am grateful that there are places in this world that can make a decent horror movie and not make it seem cheap, cheesy or plain dumb.

Goodnight Mommy plays on that element of not knowing what is going on around you and how you can either deal with it or go that extra mile and get rid of it. The film follows a mother whose fresh off facial surgery and has her face covered by bandages and is sent home to do her recovery all while at home her twin son's are there awaiting her return. What transpires is a series of events that cause the kids to believe that the person under the bandages isn't their mother and infact is a complete stranger. So the twins set out on taking said stranger hostage and begin their downard spiral into the truth of the whole movie.

Like I said before about foreign films they can tend to be extremely good or just good. But this movie is very well done and I enjoyed it. I found that the use of glue for being used as a means of entrapment brings out the fact that anything can be used as a device to keep a person from getting away. Even gluing the mother's lips shut had me cringing because you know they had to cut through that later on in the film and that feeling is like a cringing tug on your soul, literally grasping at my own face. So yeah I can live with duct tape being ripped off skin because well its just hair and skin and that can grow back but when it come to the mouth. You're talking one the most sensitive places on the human body just the fact that they glued the lips had my skin crawling but when they had to cut her lips apart from the just so she could eat. Oh man I was already to jump out of my skin.

So with that I have to say this film will easily find its way onto any 2015 Best List. Because well its a very well made film and it plays off the uneasiness of the viewer's emotions as they are literally torn between feeling the bewilderment of the children as they don't believe that their mother is truly their mother. But also feeling for the mother whose torn between not understanding the reasoning  behind their acting out and having to deal with the pain of having undergone surgery. But in the end the film explains itself and has a decent twist that allows the viewer to fully understand the whole story. I for one will more likely place this film amongst the few films of this year that will be considered the best of 2015 for me. So do yourself a favor and check this out because you won't be disappointed.

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reviewed by Bucky

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