Disease outbreaks are pretty much common these days in our generation as we are well aware of deadly pathogens like Ebola, SARS and the newly discovered Zika virus. These things are pretty much common to us today because our society is force fed these outbreak stories via the media to keep us all in check by the use of fear. Showing us that these things can actually kill us if they're released of even caught by one of us. But the sad part is that most of us don't really care because half the time we all know that it will never reach us because where its being contained.

BUT....there's that rare chance that one of these virus could easily slip through the cracks of our blind eyed society and become an epidemic. Like for instance this film here which takes us one year into the future and we are linked up with our main character Dr. Lauren Chase who arrives at a Los Angeles medical center to provide fresh support to the weary team that awaits her. The deadly disease that has broken out has already wiped New York completely out and has turned all the sick citizens into rage-like cannibals similar to 28 Days Later rage infected cannibals.

Chase is fitted with a biohazard suit along with a head mounted camera to catch glimpses of what the disease has done to the citizens of NY. Another doctor explains to her that the threat level is very dangerous and fills her in with what her mission is. She is given the task of finding and retrieving survivors that may be potentially trapped within the city. She is given an armored school bus and given a team consisting of a navigator, a get away driver and gunsman whose to provide her with enough security to get the survivors out. After working their way through the deserted streets of the city and the bus is attacked multiple times by the cannibals and even immunes who are trying to find a way out of the city themselves. It's until they find the school where their mission is to take them that its completely riddled with corpses and they are attacked by a huge group the infected cannibals that they are seperated. Chase and her navigator manage to locate the true target of their mission and must find a way back to where they came from without their wheelman and security admist all the infected cannibals surrounding them.

Part of me wanted to hate this movie because the fact that it seemed so similar to the 28 Days franchise that I was like another cheaply made rage infected zombie-like horror movie is not what I wanted to watch. But I will have to admit I was completely wrong on this and I judged it too soon. Dustin Benson's first film does seem like its a made for studio execs but then again they would've chopped this movie all too pieces before releasing it. This film comes off more like a mix of the 28 Days franchse and the early goings of the Resident Evil franchise. You're left wanting more. I applaud the storyline twist being mid movie because it changes the dynamic of the characters in the film and makes for a better story-telling situation as you don't have to sit there and wonder what the hell is really going here and you've been handed the changing factor and you can sit there and be like "Now this is getting good." The use of the POV from the head camera catches shots that are limited to that camera and make for a great scene as you can see what areas of LA look like through that camera.

Now the big question is would I recommend this movie? Yes. If you're a fan of zombies or that rage infected wanna-be ripoff of the zombie lore than here's that filler film for you. But if you are looking for a movie to watch over the weekend with friends then again this is that movie because you can't go wrong with blood and guts being torn out on the streets of LA.  This movie was released a week ago (April 1) in select theaters and on VOD (April 5). So all you horror junkies can get your fix in a 24 hour span and get infected over the weekend and possibly spread it to the people you love........
reviewed by Bucky

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