3 DEAD GIRLS (2007)

Three Dead Girls
Directed by: Christopher Alan Broadstone
1. Scream For Me:
Starring : Gabriel Sigal, Lora Cunningham and Tony Simmons
The sadistic murder of a young dancer by a man with parental issues starts part one of the three short films. He wants to relive the screams of his own family. She will not give him the satisfaction of this. In his anger of her not giving him what he wants .... He kills her. Then enters the lunatic for whom wants to just get laid by the dancer. When those hopes are smashed he goes after the only other person in the room..............that's all I'm gonna say about Scream For Me.
You Must Watch This....... Crazy and completely unexpected what happens in this short film. I kept covering my mouth and saying "Oh My God". This is a must watch!!!!!! Great job.
2. My Skin
Starring: Tony Simmons, Lisa Montaque, Rick Wildridge and Cole Adam Buissan
Our next tale is the murder of a wife and the setup of a husband. The psychopath takes a bad moment in a couples relationship and destroys it for good. And in a short time plays a psychological twisted mind game on the husband.. .

Giving anymore details to this short film will kill it so I will remain silent . But this is a twisted must watch!!!! I enjoyed it.

3. Human No More
Starring: Tony Simmons, Cole Adam Buissan, Green Whittaker and Evan Susswood
In our third and final tale ...Human No More....we see things through the eyes of a defectives prospective. Listening to the questioning of A lunatic that has just murdered a baby and its mother.
Suddenly, we hear gunshots .........

 Next, we see the defective begin to talk. To me , I believe this might be this defectives family. This one on one into the camera almost feels like a confessional / suicide statement. In the end ... It's just that... Just watch.
These three short films were all well written . Each had a completely different feel from one another. Keeping my full attention. The looks of all three short stories was also done very well. I like the almost grainy look to them.

  I'm telling you.... Give Three Dead Girls a chance. I promise.... You won't be disappointed.

reviewed by Rhonda

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