Diamond Heist AKA Magic Boys (2012)

 Plot Summary: When two dancers mysteriously disappear from outside his London club, Terrance (Michael Madsen), a notorious Diamond smuggler, needs to find some replacements fast. His old colleague and former Diamond man, Jack Varga (Vinnie Jones), offers up his own recruits, but Varga has ulterior motives.

So that synopsis is straight off the back off the DVD and it actually barely describes the movie so I'll try to add on without spoiling it. The Magic Boys are the male stripper duo who Varga send to help Terrence. David and Zoli are basically two alcoholics who are fired from a champagne factory (owned by Varga). They meet the Magic Boys through a series of events and end up with the paper that details THe Magic Boy's assignment. They decide to go to London and do the job themselves. Then you have Cherry who is with Terrance but has a secret agenda to to avenge her father's murder.

So there you have it. Terrence, Varga, The Magic Boys, David. Zoli, and Cherry. All characters with different story lines being tied in together. While the combination of all the stories was done well, I feel like they tried to do to much. The stories were all established but none were really able to really dive in. And because they were trying to establish so much, all stories had a pretty lackluster and unfulfilling conclusion.

 The acting was what you would expect from Madsen and Jones. They are not what you'd consider award winning actors but they are great in the roles they play.

 My biggest problem with the movie is that it's technically classified as an action movie. The DVD case calls it "action packed with unremitting twists and turns." A man walking around with a gun in his hand doesn't classify as action.  There was no where near the amount of action you'd expect from a movie with Madsen and/or Jones in it. In fact, this movie didn't have a single fight scene and I'm pretty sure I can count the number of gun shots on one hand.

 I can't think of many reasons I would recommend this movie.  Can't really think of a good comparison movie to relate it to either. So I'll just end this by saying I wasn't a fan.


reviewed by Bobby

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