DEEP DARK (2015)

                                                                     DEEP DARK

It's actually been a while where a scene in a film made me want to Oedipus-ly gauge out my eyes. So with that, I thank you, Michael Medaglia- for your contribution as writer, director, producer, and actor for  "Deep Dark".

Our story is that of a struggling and talentless sculptor, Hermann (Sean McGrath), whose awful attempts at making symbolic mobiles somehow aren't making him rich and famous. Out of desperation, he phones his successful uncle who recommends an apartment that he promises will make everything come together. After two weeks of struggling in the apartment to create art, he discovers a hole in the wall; a hole that talks. Let's fast forward through the initial "What the fuck?!"... and get to the more disturbing part of this. So, turns out the "thing" in this wall is a female (voiced by Denise Poirier)- a lonely female desperate for company and companionship. In exchange, she promises to help him with his art, which roughly translates to birthing gross gooey chestnut balls that have stones inside. I guess they're supposed to be beautiful, but really they look like what I imagine a chestburster's turd would be. Somehow it not only makes his art more desirable, but also evokes emotions in those who see it. Not sure how or why, but all I can say is that these middle aged folk stare at the mobiles, and then start plowing each other behind a couch. Never explained. Moving on, then..

Due to his success, The gallery owner Devora (Anne Sorce), commissions Hermann to make 4 more pieces, but his lack of company and companionship make the hole tired and unable to produce baby xenomorph turds. So she mentions something Hermann can do to help. You guessed it guys. There's a hole in the wall that wants affection. What do you think the male in the movie will do? Ugh... fifty minutes in, guys. Burn your retinas. It's only when Hermann seems to show more affection for Devora that the hole-in-the-wall becomes the jealous girlfriend. Considering she's stuck in the wall, it doesn't make for a very threatening jealous girlfriend, but you'll have to watch to figure that one out.

Watching this was fairly easy. Medaglia shows his skills with directing for sure. It made a lot of this film easier to handle. However his strengths seem to stay on the set rather than with the pen. I'm not sure what inspired the story. Not sure I want to know. The acting was good and believable, and the screen work and effects read well. However, I don't think I would personally classify this as a horror. While there was blood, there was only one death? C'mon.. P.S.- what happened with the apartment manager? It's like the hole snapped her eye out Kill Bill-style and we just never saw her again? What was that? We just going to let that slide? Anyway, to be a horror I feel there should be more threat, as much as a clingy girlfriend would seem to be. To be honest, I think if a guy were to have a clingy girlfriend, he'd actually rather it BE a hole in the wall. Putting that aside, the only really downfall I saw (and I'm usually pretty harsh) was the story itself.  It just felt like the only reason this "muse" was a hole in the wall was solely so a guy could put his dick in it. What a cliché.

           REVIEWED BY CORINNE              

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