Dead Rising: Watchtower (2015)

 Synopsis: a reporter looking for his big story gets trapped on the wrong side of the quarantine zone during a zombie outbreak.  He joins a group of survivors and must fight through a horde of zombies and other obstacles to get free; all while trying to uncover the source of the outbreak.

This movie ties directly into the video game series and takes place between parts 2 and 3.  This movie is full of references from the video game. One of the main characters is Frank West, the hero of the original game, and he's played by Rob Riggle. Virginia Madsen (Candyman), Harley Morenstein (Epic Meal Time), and Dennis Haysbert (24) also have roles in it.

 The story line itself is pretty solid.  Conspiracies, coverups, quite a few twists and turns to keep the viewer entertained.  And of course, just like any zombie movie, there is blood blood and more blood.  Everything you would expect from a zombie movie is covered... And than some.

 For anyone who hasn't played the video games, I'll tell you that they are all time based. From the start of the game, you have x amount of time to escape our you dead. So big surprise, this movie has a "time limit" too. Our hero has 2 days before the quarantine zone is firebombed. Now the best part of the video games isn't even playing the story. It's running through hordes of zombies with some of the most badass custom weapons ever, and this movie has a lot of them.  Trash can kid with motorized blades, machete broomstick, shovel sword, electrified machete, and my personal favorite, the fire ax circular saw.

 Now this movie isn't by any means the greatest zombie movie ever but it is definitely entertaining. But this is one of the most spot on video adaptations I've ever seen. It stayed true to the video game from start to finish. I guess I can only thank my lucky stars that Uwe Boll had nothing to do with it.  If you're not into the video games, this is still a pretty entertaining movie to watch. If you like the video games, this is a must see. You can find find this movie on Crackle for free.

reviewed by Bobby

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