Dallas is having trouble making meaningful connections after leaving her family in Sweden. Jasmine is in the middle of wedding planning while maintaining her career as a successful fashion editor. They first see each other from a distance and then a coincidental meeting at a night club leads them down a path that will change both women forever.
The Good:
There are many good things about this film: it is well shot, edited and acted. The two lead actresses, Erika Linder (Dallas) and Natalie Krill (Jasmine), give their all to convey the passion and despair needed for their roles. Once things start progressing between the two, Erika and Natalie do a very good job of projecting joy to the point you almost forget both of their characters are jerks. (One treats women like disposable sex toys and the other is cheating on her fiancée while he is out of town.)
Director April Mullen has a lot of talent for filming and directing actors, and I could see her taking on a bigger project in the near future. I don’t know what the budget for this movie was, but every penny of it was on the screen, which again speaks to the quality of the director and her producers. 

The Bad:
This was the first movie written by Stephanie Fabrizi and it shows. The curtness of early interactions makes the characters hard to connect with and the final 10-15 minutes are very predictable. When the movie goes into its romantic phase, it passes so quickly that it come across as unbelievable. And though the actresses are performing their asses off, I was left feeling numb to their dilemma.
There is too much emphasis on the sexual relationships. In about 87 minutes there are 7 sexual scenes, or one about 12 and half minutes. The scenes range from a brief few seconds to probably two minutes or more. Their length and graphic nature are more than enough to make some movie goers uncomfortable. If you want me to believe that they have a love for the ages and an intense emotional connection, I need more than one conversation and a handful of sex scenes.
Recommendable or Not:
This is not a bad movie. It has many strong elements, but in the end, it feels like it is just there. I would give it a weak “not recommend” because I think there are people out there who would love it, it just isn’t for everyone. I would say you are better off watching the required amount of lesbian porn and a better movie like Pariah or But I'm a Cheerleader. I wish everyone involved the best of luck in their burgeoning careers, however, as I think they all have better projects ahead of them. 

by James Lindorf

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