Cowboys VS Dinosaurs (2015)
Plot Summary: After an accidental explosion at a local mine, dinosaurs emerge from the rubble to terrorize a small western town. Now, a group of gunslingers must defend their home if anyone is going to survive in a battle of cowboys versus dinosaurs.

 This movie has all the makings of a SyFy original.  It starts off with the secret mining mission where an explosion releases dinosaurs from an underground cavern. It goes right into the opening credits and than slows down as we are introduced to Val, an apparent legend in the rodeo circuit who was seriously injured when he was thrown from a bull.  His life spiraled out of control after the accident which eventually caused him to leave town. Three years later, he is returning to make amends for bailing. This includes trying to get back on the good graces of the woman he ran out on, who is now dating the sheriff.  A slight altercation with sheriff, who was making it very clear that Val isn't welcome anymore, ends up landing Val in jail.  Dinosaurs kill a couple people in some extremely comical situations.  The big company decides to set up another explosion to clear up some of the mess caused with the first one. Seems like a logical idea, what could possibly go wrong.

The first explosion released about 4 raptors, this explosion releases a couple more... And a T-Rex.  No the dinosaurs are running rampant through the street, and claiming half the town's population while they are at it.  Groups of survivors have barricaded themselves in buildings but that doesn't keep them safe for long. So they decide to finally go on the offensive. Someone they came up with the realization that living under ground has made the dinosaurs body consist of methane. Their plan is to lure the dinosaurs out into the open and set off some small explosions that will mix with the gas in their bodies and cause them to explode.  Another survivor named Quaid, who is basically this movie's version of Burt from Tremors, has a full arsenal that they will use to defeat the dinosaurs.  The final showdown consists of some people dying, dinosaurs spitting poison (not sure where that came from), and Val riding a triceratops to escape the T-Rex.  And than there is the ending that everyone knew was coming.

 This kind of movie is hard to give a legitimate review on. The acting actually isn't to bad. The story is really far-fetched, even by horror movie standards. The CGI is ridiculously cheesy. The deaths make very little sense. Everything about this movie screams "horrible!" BUT, just like with the SyFy original movies, it is so bad that it is awesome. The title alone souls give viewers the idea of exactly what they are about to watch. There are no surprises. They hold nothing back. I really enjoyed this movie and for anyone who enjoyed movies like Frankenfish, Piranhaconda, Sharktopus, etc... This is a must see.


reviewed by Bobby

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