Cosplay Fetish Battle Drones: The Gift that keeps on giving....


I tried to go into this movie with an open mind, and let me tell you, I wasn't even prepared for the the molestation that happened within my mind! To understand this movie, you would be an 8 ball of cocaine, huge hits of acid and the ability to travel back in time to see when the movie was made...Yeah its that special kind of insanity, and let me say I loved every mind numbing second of it. The one thing you have to pay attention to is the story, reason being: THERE ISN'T A GODDAMN STORY. Yeah, its that kind of movie, lets throw the random things possible within a couple characters, and hope for the best.


Mix the Power Rangers, 80's music videos, and extremely bad acting with a bowl full (Yes bowl full because a handful is for pansies) of the most hallucinogenic drugs you can find in the world, and there you have it! Zordon is a damn pull in light, and the world is defended by recovering drug addicts, and nerds that call themselves power rangers, and I'm ashamed to say I couldn't turn away at times because of how bad/good it was. In the middle of the movie, it turns into a rap video about having sex with big ol girls, smoking weed and pouring 40's on them....How could you go wrong with that??? I think that moment made my mind lock up like a car engine, but my blackness made me carry on through, with a big ol smile on my face, and a tear running down my cheek....


The kids, randomly get their powers (which look like silver surfer dolls) and transform into things like dangling eye balls, cucumbers and virginal, and the best, and worse of all, abortions....yes you read that right. So you know what time it is when they get their powers, and their “villains” are like
puddy men, who like killing random kids in the middle of a park in board daylight...You know, secret-ish....One thing that stood out in this film that was odd (yes I know I used the word odd) was the random dancing competitions, as well as the words not matching their mouths, which was extremely annoying, like I was watching a 70's kung fu movie.


In conclusion, even without a story, it was on a level of insanity that needs a lot of timing, and really not just stepping out of your confront zone, but making sure its dead by making it explode. It takes real courage, to make a bad movie, really, really on purpose, and I have to give it to them.


Pros: It gave me a “wtf” moment at almost every point

The rap video saved this damn movie....

I can never look at the power rangers the same ever again


Cons: I can never look at the power rangers the same ever again

The acting was beyond words....terrible mixed with a side of horse tranquilizers..
                                             THERE WAS NO GODDAMN STORY...



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