Condemned means to judge or pronounce unfit for use or service. Plus we've seen many of these types of building around neighbors or cities. We can walk right past them and not give two cares because well we don't care what goes on inside them. But what if this  building housed a few terrible secrets and hid those horrible things behind its walls. Well this is what this film is all about. A what if scenario if all the shittiest things going on inside the walls explode into one toxic explosion that turns the tenants into crazed killers.  This is the movie named Condemned and its not to be confused with WWE's The Condemned series that showcased Steve Austin and Randy Orton. This is a completely different movie named Condemned.

The first film for Eli Morgan Gesner, former skateboarder slash fashion designer whose jumped into the movie making industry here with his first horror flick starring the shockingly beautiful offspring of famous actors Sean Penn and Robin Wright-Penn, Dylan Penn. The film also stars Jon Abrahams, Johnny Messner and Anthony Chisholm. The movie follows Maya whose ran away from home tired of the constant fighting with her supposedly rich parents and takes off with her wanna-be rockstar boyfriend, Dante. He takes her in but introduces her to his way of life which living inside a condemned building where junkies, freaks and drug dealers live as well. It is their toxicity that mixes up inside the pipes of the building that causes a pathogen to become born and mixes into the water system allowing for an outbreak in the building turning the tenants into crazed killers.

This film starts off slow and I mean the first thirty some odd minutes your wondering to yourself when exactly is this film going to take off. Because for only being eighty minutes long and spending thirty of it trying to build up some characters that will only be around for a few minutes in the film seemed pointless. But once the pathogen starts to settle into the first victim and slowly works it way across to the others in the building it becomes a  blood, guts and gore fans wet dream. The amount of gore used in the film is enough to make you like it but not love it because the feel of the film is almost that like The Crazies but instead of a town its almost turning into Quarantine but its not like 28 Days Later. You know what ignore this part of me trying to compare this film to similar counter films because it just seems so much like them.

Now this is the part where I tell you whether or not this film is worth watching. If you are a fan of mindless and senseless violence thats covered in blood and shit then this is the film for you. If you like dumb humor with a little bit of gore mixed in then here you go. But if you're looking for a horror movie that will make you sit on the edge of your seat then this is not that film. Though it is entertaining because lets face I like...No I love bad horror movies because they keep the genre afloat long enough for a decent one to come along. Now I give Gesner credit for going into this film full steam ahead by just throwing it all at the viewer but falling flat as it seems so much like a handful of other films its not funny. For me this is not one film I will rewatch any time soon but for the time I did watch it. I was slightly entertained long enough to recommend it for anyone who needs that something to watch to pass the time.

reviewed by Bucky

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