BUNNI (2013)

Bunni (2013)

Summary: Following a Halloween party, a group of teens break into an abandoned toy and costume warehouse at the request of one of their friends – but little do they know he is leading them to a slaughter at the hands of his mentally deranged mother – once trapped inside, the bloody deadly face off begins.

I've spent a good hour staring at my screen here hoping words would magically appear while I'm trying to think of something appealing that this movie had to offer. I literally got nothing. Sure the females looked great in their Halloween costumes but that's nothing that can be seen at ANY club or costume party the whole week of Halloween. 

Other than that, this really had nothing to offer. The plot is hugely unoriginal. It starts off with a woman who gets beat up by her husband. Than fast forward many years later and that woman's son, ever the Momma's Boy, lures some friends into a warehouse where Mom is waiting to kill them. We find out from a home made snuff film that the woman ended up torturing and killing her abusive husband/son's father. The majority of the movie is a lame cat and mouse game through the warehouse, which is to be expected from any slasher movie, or one attempting to be one. It doesn't really build any tension or fear. There were a couple extras who were introduced for a couple minutes just to be killed which is fine, that is kind of needed. Problem with the way they did it is that these characters were separate instances who had to connection to each other but they both played the “walk into the warehouse and die” role. There was no attempt to do anything different. The only real thing that this movie COULD have had going for it was the potential plot twist that one of the group purposely lured them in there for his mother to kill them. It's not a crazy, over the top twist. It wouldn't be a very original one. But it would've been something. But it didn't have a chance to do that because, as you read in the summary, the twist was given away on the DVD case.

The characters weren't all that believable and some of them, I'm talking about you Red Riding Hood, where down right annoying. As in every movie, there has to be the one male douche bag who has the hot chick girlfriend but treats her like shit and cheats on her every chance he gets while she for some unknown reason, will literally do everything for him and accept the way she is treated. This character is pushed to the limit in this movie. The way he talks and things he does wouldn't fly to a hooker who's already been paid but for some reason his dip shit girlfriend takes it all. It was honestly painful to watch. Luckily, those characters never survive in any horror movie so I was comforted in knowing that it was only a matter of time until I wouldn't have to deal with them anymore. 

I always try to give movies the benefit of the doubt and try to find something good in it because at the end of the day, someone did put in a lot of hard work. Some movies make that harder than others and in some rare occasions, I can't find anything. Unfortunately, in my opinion, this was one of the movies. The only semi positive thing I could say about this movie is that it's only an hour long so at least I didn't have to waste to much time on it.
Reviewed by Bobby

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