WHORE (2009)

Whore (Aka Hora)
    I must begin this review by letting everyone know two things if you plan to see this film. First off the film is only presented in SD (Standard Definition, which means it appears as a box in the middle of your tv) and second it is completely subtitled. I believe the film is Danish and is presented in Danish, I searched for an American sound track.
    The film starts with two blonde beautiful women hiking through the woods, talking about something that happen with Rikke. The girls hear a sound, headlights turn on and they make their way into the wood to hide. The one sister is raped while the other sister is murdered than, her dead body is raped as well. This scene seemed oddly out of place and had no real substance. It seemed the only reason to eve include it was to show one of the actress topless and add to the body count of the film.

    Next we are introduced to Rikke who stops for gas, while pumping her gas she is hit on by a few locals. They seem to have a friend who is some sort of mentally challenged. I need to point out during this part of the film you can see a cigarette burn and hear the beep that usually indicates a separate take. My reason for point this out is it is usually taken out in post-production.

    As the film progresses Rikke arrives at a secluded cabin in the woods. The film almost portrays her as Goldilocks after breaking into the three bears house, she wonders around aimlessly touching stuff and searching rooms. She lays down for bed for the evening and I’m not sure if the film takes a paranormal turn or if we are supposed to be seeing into her dreams.

    The next day Rikke make her way into the local town to do some shopping, where she meets the mentally handicap man from the previous day. He works as a cashier at the local supermarket. When she returns home she calls an electrician who is one of the other guys from the gas station. He tells her they were childhood friends which she says he doesn’t remember.

    From this point on the film takes a turn for the worse for Rikke. After seeing the film, I took some time to read a few
other reviews online and see a lot of comparisons to I Spit On Your Grave. I can see the line they are drawing in the vain of rape revenge, but it is about there that it stops. The film mixes rape revenge and paranormal. But I can say Rikke’s suffering at the hands of her attackers was different than that of Jennifer Mills. Rikke’s attackers go as far as to brand her a Hora (Whore) by carving it into her forehead.

    For me the film feels like that of an American exploitation film. The film uses the guise of sex and violence a lot to get their points across. The camera work is shaky at times, the film jumps between color and black and white for no apparent reason. I do not know if the director was trying to simulate the feel of old Grindhouse film but there are times where reels of film is missing and the soundtrack sound incomplete.

    I almost feel the director over sexualized the actress, a lot of shots focus on her butt or cleavage. Every outfit she wears is tight as can be, or dress that is to short or walks around in her bra and panties. At one point she is wearing a house coat. She even goes as far at one to make sure to open it so the fact that she only wears her bra and panties is a center piece of the scene. The crown jewel was the shower scene which he takes time to hover the camera on her ass than her breasts. I mean don’t get me wrong I enjoy the body of women too, but as a critic I felt the need to mention the HYPER SEXUALIZATION.

    In closing I will say this, while I the film has its weak spots not knowing if it wants to be paranormal, grindhouse, sexual exploitation or rape revenge. It has its strong spots to, the acting is actually half decent, the small amount of special effects is good for the small budget I’m guessing the director had to work with. If you watch the film and don’t compare it to the likes of "I Spit On Your Grave" or "Ms. 45" than it is enjoyable. Now that being said, it is not a film for everyone and can be trying for some. The rape scene rivals the likes of "I Spit On Your Grave" and "Last House of the Left".  
reviewed by Shawn

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