Full Moon Features is known for low budget and some big budget cheesy filled movies that are popular or just not that good but its not all the time that they hit onto something. Well back in the '90's  they found that filming a certain series of films could cut costs down and bring forth their first main Vampire character in Radu and the rest was history for them as they would make 4 films based around Radu called Subspecies but in between the third and fourth/final film something was spun-off of the Subspecies franchise???

Director Ted Nicolaou found out that he could take all the elements of the Subspecies series and dig deeper into its franchise and spin-off another vampire film based in the same story and bring at least two of the character he wanted to create for the Vampire Journals and use them in the fourth and final Subspecies film. Nicolaou filmed the entire film in the basement of an opera house in Budapest which shows off the beauty and magnificience of the opera house and its stunning beauty thanks to the Blu-ray release showcases its vibrance in dark colors. But most of all the film is cheesy goodness to say the least as what Ted Nicolaou did in Subspecies he brought into Vampire Journals and ramped up the vampire mythos.

Film Synopsis:

Avenging vampire stalks a king of the vampires in Eastern Europe, slaughters anyone who gets in his way.

Yeah when you read that you automatically think what could possibly come from this that could be remotely good? Well I will be the first to say that in the 90's vampire films weren't as big as they would be nearly 20 years later. I will also say that the vampire franchise is practically been destroyed by the Twilight Era and that its going to take the next biggest vampire hit to revive them from their long overdue slumber. Don't get me wrong there were some in the middle of this era that have legs to stand on but because of this era they have to stand in a huge shadow and stay there. Now back to the time when the vampire film was cool and yes that means the Full Moon Features version of the vampire which to me is the true form of the vampire. You have you mesh of love and hate as he does what he has to get what he wants. But for Vampire Journals we are introduced to  Zachary, whose hell bent on revenge for being turned into a vampire by the vampire master Ash.

Armed with the Sword of Laertes, a sword that they never full explain where it came from but its only known by that name because of the Slayer that once wielded it. Now this is all a year before Blade hits the screens do we get a vampire slayer being a vampire himself going after his own kind because well lets face it he's pissed off and just wants to kill the entire bloodline of his master. As a fan  of the Subspecies franchise and this being a spin-off its most of the time that the spin-off tends to fall flat on its face and holds nothing to value of what the original part of the franchise held. But this film stands up on its own two legs and is very entertaining. Because at first you're like he's pissed at Ash for the death of his beloved, then you're like lets go get this bastard and then he confronts him only to become a bitch. Then its like what the hell just happened. Yes the movie moves at this fast of a pace because if you slow down a vampire movie you will end up with a mushy horror movie and no one likes a mushy horror movie. It all leads up to Zachary using the sword and doing what he set out to do and it ends.

For a movie that moves along at a fast pace and has little to no in depth look at certain aspects of the characters it makes for a very entertaining train ride through the world of vampires because you get to see love, hate, jealousy, betrayal and well death because in a vampire flick what would it be like without death. Now this film is a one of a kind and there was never a sequel or prequel to it and well it kind of doesn't need them because lets face fact this was just a hail mary that paid off for Ted Nicolaou who wanted to expand his universe and pulled it off successfully. So if you love evil elegance and the revenge fueled hatred of a man's ambition to take the life of another for the taking of his own love's life than this movie will appeal to you and I recommend you go to and buy your copy of this film today. But if you're the type that wants to just pass through and watch it once then again you can go to the website and watch it through their own streaming service which you can get through them directly and also who doesn't like free stuff? Based off on what length of the service you get you can get upwards to 6 free Blu's or DVD's for FREE!!! Trust us its worth it and so is this film!


reviewed by Bucky

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