The Adult Version of Jekyll & Hide (1972)

There are some movies that come to us from people that are looking for reviews for their films. But this one came to us from a very well known distributor. We are grateful and thankful for Something Weird Video for giving us the chance to be part of their PR Team and giving us access to their bountiful library of films. We will have many more SWV films to review in the coming months and into next year. But today we decided to tackle a film that I only heard of through word of mouth and in books that took the time to include this X-rated version of a classic horror tale in their notes.
Now my adventure into Something Weird Video came when I was a loyal customer before becoming an employee of Suncoast Video. My time there helped build up my movie collection and though I was always happy at finding the movies I always wanted there were those that I never heard of and took a chance on. Now there was a person that worked there named Dave and let's say he is a good friend of mine and is mostly responsible for me finding these films, some of them on the Something Weird Video label. I'm sure he will tell you how I use to sit there and read through this big ass book to find these films and place them on special order. Giving him all the credit too.

Now how do I start this off? I mean lets face its not exactly something you would want to watch over and over again unless you like this kind of warped, twisted sexual take on a classic horror novel and film. Unless this is your type of movie then I guess you will go back for seconds some time down the road. The film follows Dr. Chris Leeder, portrayed by John Barnum as he goes to great lengths to get his hands on a book that he finds during a trip to an antique store after a early morning romp in the sack with his supposed fianc√© Cynthia, played by Laurie Rose. Now though both these actors are in the movie they are credited under different names I assume only to keep their real names safe from the past that they may of made. Cause whose never made a porno and regretted so they made up a name to just put space between themselves and the film itself.
Now the film is what it is, 70's porn at its best. Funky music, big mustaches, beautiful women and ugly men. But with this movie I would say its more soft-core than it is hardcore. I mean you get a fair amount of implied sex and a load of naked women but its elements are that of a soft-core porno that nothing is what appears to be. After our lead character Dr. Leeder sips the formula he brews from the book he turns into the Hide character and prowls the streets where he finds, rapes and murders the ladies of the night. One scene including the rape and whipping of a woman afterwards he shoves a hot poker up her vaginal area and kills her. This for the period it was filmed in didn't shock me cause in the 70's you could get away with almost anything as the rules for films back then were a little laxed as compared to today's standards. Its after this that our friend the doctor experiments with a new formula that he tests on himself and WHAM!!!! He becomes Miss Hide!!!! Yes he cracked the code to transform himself into a woman but maintains the same sick and twisted mindset of the male version of Hide. This female version of Hide is portrayed by  Jane Tsentas, whose breast come bursting out of Barnum's clothing and making an entrance into the film.
Now like I said our female counterpart is no different than her male host as she has a dark side to her and has the same taste for blood. As proven when she takes a sailor into a dark alley to have sex with and then proceeds to castrate him afterwards. The lack of blood was disappointing but the impact of having seen someone have their penis cut off in a dark alley in the 70's makes you cringe at the fact that it was done so coldly. The movies ending comes slowly as its takes awhile to get through it before its ending of where the nosey detective that's been trying to find the doctor and even managed to make out with Miss Hide before his morals make him stop what he's doing and leave her. He returns only a few minutes later after Cynthia is conned by the female Hide that Chris needs to see her and helps manage to kill the female Hide and ends the movie. Like I said this film is hard to sit through cause its porn and its an acquired taste as most of Something weird Video's films are. If your looking for a film that involves horror and porn then check this out but only if you have NOTHING better to do then waste an hour and a half. If I would ever watch this again probably not unless I had no choice. So if you like cheap 70's flicks then heres your movie cause whose doesn't like cheap, 70's pornos?

reviewed by Bucky

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