After a program developer goes on a psychotic murderous rampage in his office, code guru Brett Desmond (Andrew J. West) is sent to discover why and finish developing the program. He struggles for days with [not so much] help from a few more employees only to discover what was being programmed was more complex, dangerous, and more ridiculously obscure than anyone could have imagined.

I can't say I didn't get involved in this film. More so because it was filmed from security camera perspective.  Multiple security camera perspectives- at once. This was intriguing, though at times confusing. It was new for me, and I enjoyed that, but I also was easily distracted by it. Sometimes the four picture frame only had three shots playing. The fourth just being blank. It drew me away- was that camera off? Did they just have no filler for it? If so, why not just cut the screen shot to a two-camera perspective or one...- these are he crazy questions a critic like myself asks and thus gets thrown away from the plot. At least there was one.

Director Jonathan Dillon, delivered this new concept pretty well, but at times it almost seemed forced- the plot that is. Also, though original, the film showed its "other film inspiration" roots.  For instance, "Nightmare Code" definitely has some similarities to the 1993 sci-fi film "Ghost in the Machine". If you're one of the rare few who remember this movie, then you can pick up on the similarities pretty quickly. Don't mean to spoil much for you, but exactly how else did you expect a horror film to come from computers?

Final thoughts- in summation, the filming, acting, and screenplay are well done. Apart from the small, though insignificant plot holes and my personal issues with some filming shots, it was enjoyable. And hey- there's sex! Unfortunately you don't see much of it, but there's obligatory sub-conflict to support the sex. Otherwise it's poorly placed sex with no purpose other than to have a not-so-good sex scene. Like I said, the filming is from security camera perspective- not optimal porn-savvy angles, guys. If you're a computer nut, and enjoy a good horror, give this one a gander. If you want campy horror- this is far from it.                               
                       reviewed by Corinne     

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