Here at Horror, Sci-fi & More we try to better ourselves and find new grounds where horror, science fiction and various other genres tend to sprout forth from and bring it to you the readers and fans of ours. So it was a surprise that last week we were asked by Terror Films if we'd be interested in going to a film premiere for one of their films. Though we were busy that week, we figured why not we've never been asked before to do this and its a first time for everything.

The film that was premiered was "The Chosen" a horror film that stars internet and Youtube sensation Kian Lawley. Don't get me wrong but I love horror movies but when someone like this kid stars in one, I become skeptical about watching. I don't blame studios for the decisions being made I just can't see a boyband type actor getting over in the horror genre. Granted its funny to watch an actor of this caliber get killed in this genre but sometimes its just not something I really want to see and especially want to sit in on cause the fan base for this guy is little girls with crushes and having to hear annoying screams of "KIAN" made me wish the screams were for "KHANNNNNN!!!!"


When a child-stealing demon attaches itself to a little girl, her family is thrust into a battle against time in order to save the girl and send the demon back to hell.

Now with any horror movie these days we are being force fed the PG-13 rated garbage that is easy for studios to sell to the younger market cause it only offers small chills and cheap scares. This film from what I saw falls sadly into that category. Coming off with the vibe of Mama, The Ring and The Grudge but the film seems like it was thrown together in a quick attempt to cash in on the main stars name rather than the movie itself. Don't get me wrong I thought the storyline of the film was decent but had it been given an R-rating and a different cast it would've been a little better than what I saw.

I hate really giving things away when it comes to films cause I want you the reader to go I should either go see this or I'll just wait til I can actually put my time and effort into. But with this film its filled with plot holes all over the place and its not funny. How can you explain a backstory on the demon in question in the film and not give details on how a person comes in contact with. Its like they expect you just assume its every day normal life that this could happen to just about anyone that you can open your door and the first demon standing there can just easily walk into your life. And how can you just drop a character in the film who has ties to the demon and not fully explain her story but just that she blew her chance to save her child cause she had no clue what to do? Well no duh there's no actual explanation how it happens anyone in the first place other than it just happens.

Like  I said the story was decent cause it makes you wonder if this happened to you would you be able to sacrifice 6 family members to this demon just to save a child? That's another thing about this movie cause children in horror movies are a taboo on two levels they are either the victim or the killer. Children are sweet, angelic and innocent that's what makes them that much more scarier in horror movies cause the fact that you can barely get away with killing a child on film but you can walk away knowing you nailed it when the child is outed to be the killer. Sadly that this film the child is not the killer as she's forced to lay in bed the entire film while the demon does its damage to her family as they painstakingly fight with themselves to figure out which members can make a worthy sacrifice just so the little girl can live. It became no surprise that at the end of the film someone would make the ultimate sacrifice.

So in the end of all of this I walked out of the theater not entirely pleased because again the PG-13 era had struck again. I understand its easy to make these type of films and that this is the reason why the horror genre is suffering. I was also left disappointed because the trailer built up the movie to be showcasing this demon through out the entire film but it doesn't show its face til the very end and after sitting there for 2 hours I could only muster a laugh because it was clear this demons face was only intended to get the cheap scares from the teenage girls 5 rows behind me as they cried out in horror and anger when....Well I'll let you figure that out on your own because lets face it you're either going to go see this movie based off what I said here or you're going to skip it and go see something else.


reviewed by Bucky

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