Now when it comes to the stuff we tend to review we have stuff that normally any of our fans here reading this would know the film but there have been times where the film we've reviewed has flown so under the radar that its practically a sleeper hit and word of mouth help gets it seen. Now we here don't really know if the movie here is popular or even remotely known because we're facing facts. It's a movie that none of us here have even heard of and its actually pretty interesting cause its a sexploitation film none the least. Man that sounds really creepy. But here we go with Severin's release of the 1978 Australian comedy/sexploitation film, Felicity!


Young Felicity lives in a monastic school. The only way to live out her sexual fantasies is together with her girlfriend Jenny. But then she receives an invitation from her sister in Hong Kong and can't wait to finally do the real thing. 

 Pretty much the synopsis of the film sums up this film pretty much as we follow her from her wild escapades with her girlfriend Jenny to traveling to Hong Kong where she is eventually deflowered by a guy named Miles who saves her from a bunch of thugs of the time in Hong Kong. But its the trip to Hong Kong that opens her life up to the fantasies that she gets to indulge in and finally gets what she truly desires. Now for a comedy this film seems oddly familiar to me but at the moment I can't place my finger on it...Wait that's right its almost similar to a Emmanuelle film. But than again a movie like this is not surprisingly going to mimic the Emmanuelle franchise cause it was the seventies and movies like this were churned out just as quickly as cheap B-movies were back then. In fact the film itself was made under private terms so it leaves many to wonder just how much this film was made for cause the film made little over half a million dollars.

Now Glory Annen, who plays our main character Felicity Robinson is extremely easy to stare at for the 94 minutes you have to sit through for this film. She does scenes in this film with both men and women and this makes you wonder why isn't this a hardcore porn? But as you can see the elements in this film easily popped up in the 80's for when channels like Cinemax or Prism use to show sexploitation films in the later hours of the night.  As you can guess after a little research of this film it had a good run when it hit cable television during those later hours. My assumption is that with this film it kind of falls into the category of being called a "trend-setter" or "originator" but then again most people will just say that this film is a cheap, trashy piece of shit erotic film. Glorified movie that helps men get off when they have nothing better to do than stare at a screen and fantasize. Wait.... I just did this!!! Oh well I will just tell you that this film isn't all about tits and ass. Yeah its got some sleaze and sex to it but its just a movie that does have a decent plot that moves things along during that 94 minutes.

Now for Severin's transfer of the film is questionable at best because it uses film from the director's master tape and has a time code. I honestly feel Severin could've done better had they used the master tape for the whole movie rather than just using it for a moment in the film. It's a scene where hardcore oral sex and penetration adds 2 minutes to the film. All in all it was a decent film for what it was and that is indeed a sexploitation film that one according to the director John D. Lamond this film once had famed Australian director George Miller (Mad Max) attached to direct but Miller wanted to take the film a different direction and was passed on. The disc is packed with two other features thanks to Severin dipping into their Intervision library to give us Australia After Dark and The ABC's of Love and Sex. So if you're a fan of Severin releases than this is one you can pick up whenever cause its not going anywhere but if you like sexploitation films then go for it and grab this one cause its not half bad for a movie that's well Ozploitation cheese. 

reviewed by Bucky

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