Everyone knows that when it comes to sequels you can either hope for the best or just prepare yourself that the movie you're going to watch isn't going to compare to the first one. Now with most sequels you're given anything from a change in pace, a continuation of the films franchise or something completely different. Now when I first heard that the film Monsters was getting a sequel I was already like how? The original movie despite being decent in some ways ended in a way that I was like I hope they don't give this a sequel. But low and behold 4 years later here I am typing the review for this sequel that I and a few other members of Horror, Sci-fi & More had the distinct pleasure of watching if not the hardest time sitting through it.
The film follows up ten years from the first film and that monsters are still a menace themselves but for a group of four close friends who are tied to the military are deployed to the middle east to not only deal with the so-called monsters but also a newly rising insurgency. Now with a situation like this you're left to wonder how can this group survive one thing let alone having to deal with a terrorist front at the same time and if you choose to see this movie you'll see first hand that something's aren't exactly as easy as they can be explained. I for one thought okay its going to be like Godzilla meets Call of Duty. But after awhile I was thinking that this isn't exactly what I thought it was going to be and I was left wondering after awhile why was this exactly made?
At first I thought it was just me that felt the movie was moving along at a slow and yet boring pace as nothing was really happening. We'd get glimpses of the monsters and then some action sequences but then back to the boring pace. But I was assured that the others were feeling the same thing and said the movie was just as boring as the first movie. Now I argued with them on that but they had their valid points and I had mine. But with this film I felt that they dragged it out for way too long and could've easily summed it up with a shorter running time and left it at a certain point in the film that was similar to the first one and rolled credits but apparently they wanted to have this now nearly decimated group finish their mission and then end the movie. Which at this point I just told Bobby to turn it off before I lose my damn mind.
Now I think my dislike for the film is cause Gareth Edwards couldn't make the movie because he was already working on Godzilla at the time this movie being thrown together and the new faces of the film Tom Green and Jay Basu who were given the film to make whatever they wanted to make just as long as it included the monsters? Wait so anyone could've done this movie just based on the fact that you had free reign but ONLY if you included the monsters? Man sounds like desperation to me if they had that much free reign to make a movie this bad that it seemed like it could've easily been a B-movie with a big studio budget. But anyway the movie is what it is, a sequel that takes place a decade after the first movie and falls flat on its face cause its got no legs to stand on because it was given to a director who just wanted to make a Call of Duty meets Monsters movie.
So do I recommend this movie to you the reader? That's up to you. If you saw the first movie and you want some kind of closure as to what happened ten years later then go for it. But if you've never seen the first film and just want to jump into the deep end of the pool with this movie let me just warn you that you're not making the best choice. If I had to put it like this I'd wait till this one hit Syfy channel and watch it then and watch something else other than this movie till that time presents itself to you in the near future. But its up to you and I won't lead you to down a path I wouldn't take myself. Whoa..whoa..wait I never mentioned this in the review till the very end but it probably won't matter but the monsters are actually aliens. If that makes a difference or not I doubt it but its good to know.

reviewed by Bucky

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