A Musical?

Yeah its just as shocking as it sounds to me as I type this up because lets face it I really would've thought I'd be reviewing a musical during my tenure with Horror, Sci-fi & More. But here I am tonight laying it down and though this movie is not my hands down favorite musical put to film. Yes I have a favorite and its not Rocky Horror, though I love that film the flick to hold favorite over them all is Phantom of the Opera. Not the 1930's version no the Gerard Butler film. I know this will get me flack but I find myself loving that film. But this film here comes in second even though many people hate it which to me is a little shocking because lets face it this film is down sleazy!!

Repo! A Genetic Opera

A glam-rock opera with a dash of dark comedy that makes this film worthy of midnight viewings to bring it to cult like status. The film takes place in a dystopic surgery needing world that relies on a sleazy organ selling company named Genco who use Repo Men to reclaim their product from the people who fail to pay their debts on the organs they needed. The man behind the name of Genco is Paul Sorvino and his three cut-throat children portrayed by Paris Hilton, Bill Moseley and Nivek Ogre of metal band Skinny Puppy. But its Sorvino's unnerving relationship with a repo man and his sick daughter that fuels the story of this film as it becomes revealed that the dark secret that the repo man  was doing and the thing that could easily destroy his world and bring his daughter to hating him. But this is where everyone goes on happily ever after and well what did you expect?

Anyway this film hands down is not that bad its very comic book esque as its dark tones and elements are that of a Vertigo comic and the added dash of what could easily come off like a David Bowie song meshed together with a Tool music video. Director Darren Lynn Bousman doesn't skip out on the gore in this film as he stays in his traditions of over the top blood, guts and gore on the screen. I personally liked this film because lets face I am a fan of shit like this who doesn't love a movie that has a goofy ass plot like this film had and the actors it used I would've never pictured Bill Moseley in a musical...Wait yes I can. I met the man and he can sing. But was I not surprised by Paris Hilton playing a slutty, surgery addicted role? Nope because that was like watching her life really breakdown on film. But big number musical moments in the film are either hits or misses, personally for me Zydrate Anatomy is the only good song to me but what do I really know about this kind of genre.

So what can I really say to end this review without making it harder on me to just tell you to check this out with maybe a few hours before Netflix pulls it because after today the film can seen on YouTube or well you can easily just find it on your cable provider. I just finished this film and I see why I waited nearly seven years to watch it again. Its not exactly the type of film I would call a family but then again anything I watch anymore is not exactly the family night type of movie to watch. So if you want to watch people getting hacked up for their body parts then go ahead and check this out. I'm going to re-watch this because I think I missed something like a Graverobber!


reviewed by Bucky

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