Now when I was a kid we had the choices of watching whatever was on the television back in the 80's. I mean you could've turned on the tv and instantly been watching a random Godzilla film, a goof ball comedy or if you were lucky enough you caught yourself stuck in the middle of a action packed kung fu theater style movie. For me at a young age these films stick out because I never really watched them before and found myself enamored by the quick paced fighting styles. Often trying to imitate them wasn't easy and normally led to something in the house being broken. But it was these films that I will say were my gateway to the inside world of martial arts.

Severin Films has taken a large amount of classic kung fu trailers and has shined them over with their new HD gloss and pressed them to Blu-Ray for us to all enjoy. This collection is called Kung Fu Trailers of Fury. Over 2 hours of non-stop action, mob bosses, sword fighting, random shit that makes you wonder why is this here and some of the very best names in the martial arts film industry at the time.


Get ready for the most hard-kicking, face-smashing, snake-fisting trailer collection of them all! From the golden age of kung fu cinema comes this insane tsunami of masters, mobsters, furious vengeance and incredible fighting styles, starring Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan, Lo Lieh, Sammo Hung, Angela Mao, Chuck Norris, Jimmy Wang Yu and Wu Tang, too. These are the most over-the-top and rarely-seen original trailers for Hong Kong classics that include THE WAY OF THE DRAGON, DEATH BLOW, TWO CHAMPIONS OF SHAOLIN, DAGGERS 8, SNAKE IN THE EAGLE’S SHADOW, SHAOLIN WOODEN MEN, THE STORY OF DRUNKEN MASTER, ENTER THE FAT DRAGON, BRUTAL BOXER and many more, plus exclusive new bonus features that deliver unique historical and cultural perspectives on the amazing world of martial arts movies.

Now as fan to film I will have to say this collection has me drooling because theses are films that really need to be seen not because they are bad ass action flicks but because these things are a thing of history they represent the hard work the filmmakers and actors did to present us with these films. Now granted some of the films here they seem like they can stand the test of time but there a few that could easily just fall at the waist side. As for me after watching this and seeing a few of them I've seen ,some that I own and then there were those that I found myself grabbing my phone and making a mental note to find this film so I can see it or present it to the group as the film we are going to be watching during our own traditional movie night.

I am very pleased with this release from Severin Films as they presented the trailers in HD to the best that they can clean them up even though the left some of the grindhouse feel to them with the scratches, marks and discoloration of the film. Which to me made me love this release even more because when you're watching this you can't help but feel you are sitting in a seedy theater watching them eating that hot buttered popcorn moving your head to the sound effects of fists being thrown and the "HI-YAH". On top of these trailers we also get a nice addition in the special features section with a nice feature on the History of Kung Fu Cinema. Now its not a long feature that takes up time its a decent thirty or so minute long feature that pretty much sums up the kung fu cinema for you. As I said before I am very pleased with this release and hope that Severin follows this up with another trailer collection of sorts and that eventually some of the films showcased here find their own way to Blu-ray because they are films that truly need to be seen and owned by the general public. I am one whose for sure to buy whatever film is eventually released from this collection if it happens.
reviewed by Bucky

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