Nothing's better than getting together with the people you work with or love to just sit around and watch a movie. That's what we did here last week at Horror, Sci-fi & More we decided to get together for one night to have a go at a certain movie that the world was talking about and made it a memorable night. Despite missing two members of our group that night due to prior engagements we had to go forward without Paul and Corinne. So me, Shawn and Bobby all hunkered in and watched the movie....

It Follows

A story of a young woman whose world is destroyed after having sex one night with a boy. She is thrusted into a world of torment and imminent death as she soon discovers that what she has been given is not just sexually transmitted disease but a curse. She is told that from now on, an entity will follow her wherever she goes. It can only be seen by those with the curse. It can appear as anyone, from perfect strangers to loved ones. If it catches up to her, it will kill her, but it only walks, never runs, so it’s easy to put some distance between herself and it, but that only lasts so long, of course. She can however if she chooses to do so can pass on this curse by doing what she did in the first place to have this curse placed into her life. She can sexually hand it off like and hope that whomever has it can do the same.

This film is about dreading what can be over your shoulder at any moment. That sinking fear that sits in the dark recesses of your mind that's eating away your soul until its had its fill and decides to end its run in your life by taking yours. But more importantly the dread that knowing your stuck with this curse and can easily just pass it onto the next poor soul without  a care in the world but have it eat away you by knowing that your actions could very well be the thing that makes you responsible for this person's fate. Making you choose between your own death or living long enough to have someone else take on this curse is a toll that can only be describe as a struggle within one's own soul. Begging the question could you sit there and with no remorse just let this happen to someone else?

Now we had some laughs with this film as how can you not find some hidden humor in a horror film like this. Its not every day you see someone slam a folding beach chair over open air and have it just stop there. Knowing that it had hit something but to the person doing it not understanding how the hell they just hit something they couldn't see but know they did at the same time seconds before being thrown across the open area like a ragdoll in the air. Or the fact that being the only person to see these so-called monsters after you and seeing them as the way they show up being strangers to even their own friends. Case in point who wouldn't laugh at the fact that standing on the roof would be a completely naked person just standing there. To us this was hilarious because I guess we are just sick that way because we found it to be humorous enough that they put something like that into the film.

The film itself is gritty and has that throwback feeling to what a horror movie should feel like if you sit in a theater and wait for the scares. Though the scares aren't entirely all that scary or thrilling its the fact that your sitting there waiting for something to happen to the character, that spine-chilling feeling you get from the music as you know something is going to happen. Its that feeling alone that makes this movie good as your not expecting something to just pop out from around the corner like a bird or something dumb. Your given the monster from a distance as its going to be that way in the film until its upon the character. Just think about films like The Ring or The Grudge, you know their similar stories about curses and know just based off that they were going to be good movies based off that. This film does share that same concept but unlike them it doesn't force itself down your throat by saying fear us. No its from a distance that your left fearing of whats over your shoulder.

All in all this film is and will probably be the best horror movie of 2015 and we here at Horror, Sci-fi & More are more than happy to thank the Weinstein Company and Radius for allowing us the chance to see this film and the fact that they feel we are up to par deliver a review worthy enough to have the fans read and possibly go see this film. We are truly grateful. Also we want to thank director David Robert Mitchell for making a simple, perfect and chilling horror movie that doesn't require the use of blood or overly used cheap scares to make a great film. Thank you sir you have redeemed the genre we love so much with this film and we thank you.

So if you haven't gotten out of the house yet to go see this film then what the hell are you waiting for? Go see this film before its gone for a few months before they decide to release it to Blu-ray. So join the cursed and go have sex....wait I meant to say go out and see this film. See why everyone is calling it the best horror film of 2015. 


reviewed by Bucky

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