Blackface Killer (2009)

Blackface Killer (2009)
Directed By: Michael Fredianelli
Starrings: Michael Fredianelli
Anthony Spears
Eric Anderson
Michael Nose
Blackface Killer, set in 1978, is a controversial slasher-thriller. A series of murders plague a small Texas town. With a killer on the loose re-enacting slave punishment on his victims, the comps must face their own personal demons as the murder spree throws them into a dangerous world of mercenary hillbillies and inbred cannibals. This indie horror film has the feel of a vintage grindhouse exploitation film.

Review: I love the old school feel to this movie; he grindhouse, 35mm look to it. It started off with the potential of to be a good slasher/exploitation movie. Unfortunately, that is pretty much where the things I liked about it end. I guess, first and foremost, I should touch on the elephant in the room. As I'm sure you can predict by the title, this movie has an extremely racist overtone to it. It was so over the top that it was a bit uncomfortable to watch. 

 Honestly, I'm not sure I would have been able to watch had I not been watching alone. That being said however, there are African Americans in the cast, and if it didn't bother them, it shouldn't bother me so I tried to overlook it. The quality of the movie was the biggest turn off for me. I am well aware that the point of a “B movie” is that it can't afford the big budget that top companies put behind their movies but this literally seemed like a bunch of friends who were bored one weekend and decided to shoot a movie. The acting was terrible and much of the dialogue seemed out of place. A lot of times, the dialogue seemed like it's only purpose was to try to push the envelope. 

The most glaring example is the final fight scene between the killer and the cop. Throughout the whole fight, the cop does nothing but call the killer a “black son of a bitch” or “n*gger” over and over again, despite the fact that he is INCHES away from the killer and should be able to clearly see that the killer is a white man with blackface make-up. The overall story is the worst part about this movie. It starts off as a cop looking for a murderer but about 45 minutes into it, it switches up. It changes over to a story about inbred cannibals and with about 20 minutes it switches back to the killer story. There are quite a few side stories that come to a sudden halt and have no real conclusion. The movie's finale is one head scratcher after the next. None of the events really make any sense. I would go into more detail into this but I don't want to spoil anything for those who may still want to watch it.

I admire the attempt to really push the envelope and be controversial but it was overdone so much that it became more of a distraction than a benefit. This made it really hard to watch it from beginning to end.


reviewed by Bobby

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