Bigfoot vs Zombies

    Polonia Bros Entertainment and Wild Releasing brings you Bigfoot vs Zombies. You may be asking, “Why?” Well let me tell you I was asking the same thing. So as the movie begins we are introduced to a young blonde woman who is in the woods practicing photography. She is of course being stalked by what I thought was a man in a REALLY bad Halloween store bought Gorilla outfit with an even worse wig. I quickly realized as it roared like a bear than snarled like a mountain lion this must be Bigfoot himself. With few screen flash and some more mountain lion snarls Bigfoot, I am assuming we are supposed to think Bigfoot moves at speeds of a large cat.

    The film than jumps to Wyoming County Body Farm. It appeared Bigfoot had left the young lady alone and needed to figure out what a Body Farm was for himself. We are greeted with spliced together stills of different dead bodies which again the SFX left something to be desired. A few local scientists are working on some elixir to help slow decomposition. 

    It appears the elixir revitalizes the corpses and turns them into … Zombies! At this point our photographer returns and is now being stalked by zombies from the local Body Farm, which she approaches the gate with a no trespassing sign. So she actually turns around and leaves. While trying to take a selfie she positions her camera on a log and is attacked by a zombie. The attack seems to enrage Bigfoot as the film cuts to him and he is roaring.

    The rest of the film while being titled Bigfoot vs Zombies actually Bigfoot vs Zombies vs scientist who created the problem. While the film lacks in special effects and over acting ability it is one of those movies you put in on night when you and your buddies are having a few drinks. The story suffers from little to no plot other than the Polonia were probably sitting around one night and went “if Bigfoot was real and zombies were real and bigfoot was attack by zombies what would happen?” You can tell the film was made with a very small budget and a lot of the “actors” were probably friends of the Polonia brothers or people like the team here who jumped at the idea of being a low budget horror film. 

I won’t ruin the end for but I will tell you there is a scene when Bigfoot’s costume comes apart and you can actually see the neck of the person under the costume. This was the crowning jewel for me. I even backed up the film to make sure I saw what I thought I saw. While I am not the biggest fan of the old costume movies and can honestly say I am a child of the CGI era, the old Godzilla films at least never showed the actor under nether during the film. Now if you have read some of my previous reviews even if I hate a movie I try to find SOME THING/ANY THING positive to say about the film. Unfortunately for Bigfoot vs Zombies the only positive I have is the artwork on the case is was the best part of the film. 

    In closing the film suffers from horrid special effects, worst acting and dialogue that at times made me question how old the person was who wrote this film. Very few decisions by the characters make sense. They even go as far at one point to letting Bigfoot into their building with them. The ending of the film made as little sense as the film did in that Bigfoot figured it all out before most of the humans did. I will leave you with this final thought “If I couldn’t find anything nice to say unless you’re like our own Bobby  here at HS&M this isn’t the movie for you.” 
reviewed by Shawn

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