Back in 1993 Steven Spielberg took us to a place where only our wild imaginations could take us and gave us that feeling of what it would look like if our dreams of walking with dinosaurs came to life. Spielberg adapted Jurassic Park from Michael Crichton's novel of the same name and the rest became history has Jurassic Park became a box office success but delivered only mild success on the two sequels that would follow it.

During that time we were left with the bitter taste of what happened in part 3 and the let down of a franchise that was in need of a change. That change didn't come til 22 years later from the release of the first Jurassic Park movie and even though there was rumblings through the years of part 4 possibly being a return to the original park and even one where the raptors were being fashioned to look like soldiers. Though true fans wanted the return of a few original characters they weren't given that satisfaction as they were given a whole slew of new characters and only the return of 2 original characters that really had little to no impact on the original trilogy. Ones impact was in this film and the other though far fetched was given his hero role back at the end of the film. But the star power was given to Star-Lord himself Chris Pratt as he was casted as the lead make in the film and added another box office success with this film to his now ever in demand growing resume.

 Jurassic World follows two brothers whose family is in woes and their parents have shipped them off to spend a vacation holiday with their aunt played by Bryce Dallas Howard. During their vacation we learn that the scientist on the suped up theme park slash resort have cooked up something far more deadlier than they had anticipated. After they go to Owen (Chris Pratt) to see if he could help them figure out why their new pet project isn't working up to their standards and after its discovered that it was a trick played on them by the dino itself thats when all hell breaks loose.

                                                                       People die!
                                                                     Dinosaurs are killed!

 And a terrifying discovery makes the movie an edge of your seat thrill ride all coming to a clash of the dino titans and an ending that makes you go. HELL YEAH! You're left there sitting and going god damn I have to see this again or will there be a sequel? Only time will tell and with a box office success like the one it had and dethroning Avengers: Age of Ultron as the biggest opening day movie this year. It remains to be seen if this film will be dethroned itself but we have to wait til December to see if Disney can deliver on its first Star Wars film.

 Now normally I end it here but I shared the theater for this movie with a friend Jared Strand, whose own venture Guys Night is coming into its own and has alot to offer. I'm happy to say that one day down the road you the reader may see the most epic of crossovers ever when we Horror, Sci-fi & More! joing forces with Guys Night to showcase film in its truest form. Who knows when it will happen or what it will be focused on. One thing I do know about those guys is that the force is strong with them! You can visit them at http://jvaderhater.wix.com/guysnight or on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/onenight2rulethemall?fref=ts

 Hope you enjoyed the review because if you haven't seen Jurassic World yet then get the hell off your ass and go see this movie!!! So until next time I'll see you at the movies!!!!!


reviewed by Bucky

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