Awaken The Devil: Talk of Brothers and Carnage

Plot: I can only guess that the movie was going for a sin city approach when it came to the foreground as well as the background. It take a moment to focus but it goes well with the movie with everything in the background fuzzy and unclear throughout the movie. It lets you focus more on the character talking at the time and not all the noise in the background for distraction purposes. The plot of the story kind of jumps around from time to time, and then falls flat on it's face until the next scene, which threw me off throughout the movie. We don't get to the “devil” part of the movie until almost half way through, which shouldn't even be because its in the title. There isn't much else to pick apart, the story line really is broken up, but the film isn't designed to be complex, its designed to be in your face, death, action, and enjoyable, which I think is the best thing about this film.

Some of the parts are just funny, well at least to me. The happen to stumble into a building with a pentagram within it? When I saw that part my only thought was “come on son!” I mean that's bad even for a movie like this.

Character Interactions/Development: I think this might be one of the very few films that I've seen that one of the main character's doesn't actually, well...speak. The interaction because between Mr. Lieske and Mr. Roth is interesting to say the least. The two brothers communicate through talking as well as facial expressions because one of the brothers is mute, thus that as well as a makeshift chalkboard are the only things that he has to get his point across. Despite the one sided conversation most of the time. Mr. Roth's dialogue gets better throughout the movie, at first when was talking about how he hated his brother because he was the favorite it sounded he was auditioning for the role rather then actually acting out his part.

There is very obvious tension within the older brother Tom (Mr. Roth), because his brother was coddled as a child because of his disability, and he brings it up about 1000 times throughout the movie which turns from interesting to annoying in 2.56 seconds. The brothers are homeless, and it looks like Vernon is the blame for their homelessness let alone everything else within their live and it gets tiresome.

Flow and Conclusion: The movie runs like a studding toddler, the flow of the movie and the momentum is very shattered at times, and like I previously said it falls flat, but does have it's moments, especially comedic parts. That being said, aside from the introduction of the movie I actually had a good time looking at it. Sometimes within movies, simple is best way to go, especially within horror, to complex and things become broken, and the watchers can become confused at what actually happened through the whole thing. I would give his a 7 out of 10, if not for anything but the character interactions and the funny parts.


reviewed by Paul

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