KILLERS (2014)

As many of you have noticed me and the crew here at Horror, Sci-fi & More! Have been busy as of lately with most of the various reviews flowing out now thanks to the break in the weather and we are finally not stuck watching reruns of shows like Lost or Maury. I'll be the first tomsay that I am very proud of the crew I have to work with cause its a sound ship here now and theres no inside fighting like before. But enough about us because its time to get to work here and work I mean the film I reviewed this week takes us over the sea's and drops us into the world of Japanese-Indonesian cinema!

I'll admit first-hand that I love international films especially ones that come from the Asian cinematic world. I know alot of people have problems with them or just refuse to watch them simply because they have to read subtitles. Trust me I know a few people and their argument is the same. They're too lazy to read and the movie just won't be seen because of that. But me I love these films because to me I prefer international films over most American released films because let's face Hollywood has lost its touch with the films and hasn't had an original idea in a very, very long time and most of the films are boring. But if you ventured outside that bubble you'll shock yourself with what you can find. Trust me. Infact let me indulge you today with this review and maybe you'll be interested in jumping in bed with a film like this.

 The film is simply titled "Killers" and it doesn't disappoint with the killings. As with most Asian films there are taboos that are always crosses or touched on because they're in touch with todays world and have no problem showcasing it to the world. This film to me showcases it all and needs to be seen not for this statement alone but for various other reasons I will touch on later. But the film starts as a series of horrific murders has gone viral thanks to a handsome, seductive yet twisted Nomura whose darkside is a taste for torture. But as Nomura's world of torture and pain goes on a thousand miles away a disgraced journalist Bayu can't stop watching the viral videos of Nomura and in a moment of recklessness discovers that he too can kill. With one in Japan and the other in Jakarta. A rivalry begins between the serial killer and vigilante as they try to one up the other as their video posts multiply and body counts rise all leading to the eventual face-to-face showdown that will paint the city red with the blood of their victims.

 Now as I watched this film I was at first immediately comparing it to another film that had a similar comcept and that was "Mr. Brooks" now hear me out I compared it at first because at first sight I felt the concepts were the same but trust me I was wrong and there is no comparison here. I mean its not a photographer blackmailing a serial killer in this film, this film's storyline is alot different and is better. Because lets face if you were a serial killer and you had a fan whose basing his own actions off of your viral videos then you want to meet this person because they're trying to make a name off of your own doing and let's face you can't have someone else making a name off your work. As Nomura and Bayu trade back and forth kills as a showing of one ups manship the body count rises even the metohods of murder change. I've seen alot of movies and to this day I have never seen someone be killed by a small pair of hand held flower cutters. The Mo Brothers didn't disappoint me with this film at all and I was locked in the whole time, not once did I stray away from thr film and go on my phone or ipad. This says alot because the entertainment value of this film is above and beyond as it is with most asian cinematic films.

As I said before the Mo Brothers who are responsible for parts in films like The ABC's of Death and V/H/S/2 as well as Macabre. Though they are fairly new to the directorial scene I will have to admit that this film does cement them in their place as the future of the cinematic world. I highly recommend you buy this movie when it comes out on April 7th of this year from Well Go USA. Now as with most films there are a lot of versions made for this as things had to be cut from the movie to make the rating and the original idea and title of the film was "Killer Clowns", you get what I mean by just uttering those two words. I'm happy they didn't go with clowns cause this film didn't need to be humorous because it was a serious film and that's what it was. So like I said before do yourself a favor and write this movie down and next month when its released on whatever you tend to buy your films on be it DVD, Blu Ray or OnDemand services. GET IT. Trust me, you won't be disappointed.

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reviewed by Bucky

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