Ace Jackson Is A Dead Man (2015)
Synopsis: Ace comes up with a get rich quick scheme to move some cocaine for a local drug dealer. He loses the cocaine and must now find a way to come up with the money he owes for it or.... he's a dead man.

Movie starts off with Ace going to visit Mr. Bigelow, the local drug dealer. Bigelow lets Ace know that he doesn't like him, he's never liked him. The only reason he is agreeing to let Ace work for him is as a favor to Ace's cousin Baxter. Ace takes a brick of cocaine to sell. In his mind, this is a one and done deal. He'll make enough money on this to retire in Tahiti or some place like that. Bigelow informs Ace that he works for him now. There's no such thing as one and done.
Ace leaves and goes to see this girl who is almost portrayed to be his girlfriend but judging by his taste in girls we meet throughout the movie, I'm guessing she's a hooker. He tries to tell her that he's finally got something good going on. At the same time, she's trying to tell him that he's a bum who will never amount to anything and she's done with him. Three times during this debate, Ace had to excuse himself to the bathroom where he sampled his new product. Eventually he leaves and ends up at the house of another hooker, Chelsea, who he apparently also thinks is his girl. He tells her about what he's got going on. While she is hesitant because all of his get rich quick schemes seem to cost her money, after they sample the cocaine, she is on board with his plan. She says that they can sell this and go anywhere they want to go; France, Paris, Bahamas (hopefully I'm not the only one who noticed what was wrong with that statement). This leads into the first of many “Skinamax” style sex scenes. It also includes what may be one of the best movie lines I've ever heard. Ace, who apparently likes to talk during sex, said “I got an Ace in the hole.” Not going to lie, I literally laughed out loud for a bit when I heard that. Throughout the sex scene you either see Ace with his face covered in powder or he snorting the cocaine off of Chelsea. The man has apparently never seen Scarface. I'm pretty sure he used up atleast a quarter of the stash.

After they are finished up, Ace tells Chelsea he's got to make some moves. He is going out for a bit but he is leaving the cocaine there with her. Big mistake. Not long after he's gone, she packs a bag, takes the cocaine, and high tails it out of there. When he comes back to the apartment and sees that Chelsea, and his cocaine, are gone; he knows he's in big trouble. He goes to visit his cousin Baxter who tells him his only option is to get out on the streets and either find the drugs or get his money.
The rest of the movie is basically Ace meeting random women, sleeping with them, and than literally begging them to work the streets for him.

I honestly had no idea what to expect when it came time to sit down and watch this. The overall story was actually really good. The story was consistent from beginning to end. It didn't split off into to many different directions. The couple times the story did branch off, it went to a very short side story that came to a conclusion and than went right back to the main story. The characters/acting are basically what you would expect from any independent movie. Some characters were portrayed really well by the actors, others not so much. You know that friend most people have the go out of their way to act hard, that was Mr. Bigelow. Chelsea was only really a believable character when she was stripping. The scene where she attempts to sell the stolen cocaine was almost painful to watch. Ace on the other hand, was played great. I believed every aspect about that character. There were a few drawbacks to this movie though. For one, their were random breaks in the movie where the screen went black there was a scrolling message about financial or political facts. While the facts were interesting, they didn't really fit into the movie. While I did like this movie as whole, the decision to go with the black and white 35mm look really hurt the overall product. While I normally LOVE that style of movie, the way this was shot made it really hard to actually watch the movie. When the set is outside, the light collides with the white and makes the screen to bright to really be able to see what's happening. When the set is inside, it has the reverse effect and the movie is to dark to really see what is going on. At the end of the day, it is a fun movie to check out for anyone who is interested in Exploitation flicks.... or anyone who watches Cinemax After Dark because that was about 1/5th of the movie as well.

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reviewed by Bobby

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