Above Us Lives Evil 
Directed by: Jason Mills Staring: Nicola Elbro Marina Seretis Robert Duncan and Leonidas Bourikos 

Above Us Lives Evil is a tale of a families personal tragedy that takes them to a new town and new home to try to help their young son. The new town and new neighbors are backwoods ...even inbred like. A very old father, mail order looking much younger looking wife and a son and daughter that i feel i would find in the movie Deliverance. As this family of 4 starts to begin their new life in their fixer upper home things just seem to be a little off . Mother and father seem to be in their own little word leaving their teenage daughter in charge of their mute son. The movie starts to amp up as the mute son Ben is the first to encounter the being as I'm calling them.

Terrorizing this poor mute boy. The parents take an evening out for the entire night and that's when all hell breaks loose. The beings as i call them go on the attack killing anyone near. I wont give out any of the gory details ... I don't want to spoil this film for anyone.Fast forward to the next morning and the parents have returned to find their children out of the home and scared to death. Of course the parents don't believe the teenage daughter... which is the norm . 

 While the father is inside investigating the home the mute son speaks and collaborates his older sisters story....... Too late for dad!!!! This movie started off a little slow for my personal taste. It needed something to grip me in the beginning to keep me focused till the good stuff started. The mothers acting was not believable to me also. This dark thriller was good once it picked up. Don;t get me wrong.... visually' this movie looked great and the evil beings looked fantastic. Definitely give this movie a try. I will be watching this movie again.


reviewed by Rhonda

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