ABCs Of Death 2 (2014)

Its been 2 years since the first ABCs Of Death was dropped onto us. Those of us who walked into that movie thinking what could possibly go wrong with a horror movie based around the alphabet. Now let me say it was a WTF kind of moment when you sit there and watch the most disgusting and unreal stuff to ever be put to film and your wondering how this could have passed by without even getting stopped. But today's society is so watered down that violence and gore are an every day norm.
 So two years later Magnet Releasing and Drafthouse Films have leashed onto us the sequel to the ABCs Of Death. Now at first I was going into this movie thinking I hope this one tops the first and I get to see some off the wall or sick stuff all over again. They have to be able to push the envelope to top part one. Cause let's think about this movie for a minute, you have 26 different directors directing 26 different shorts based off words that their respective letter represents. SO your like there's so many words that you can make a short off of and hopefully it comes off good. It's like having a sampler platter in front of you and having a choice but if the one you choose tastes like crap in your mouth you have to wonder will the next one taste the same or better?
Now some of the letters are in my mind forgettable. Not ones I would brag about to friends cause to me they didn't click with me as some of the others did. Now I'm not saying these letters were entirely bad, I felt that some could have benefitted if it was its own film. I mean I felt letters C, J and O could have done well if they were full length features cause the stories based off of the words used had that feeling of what would it be if it had a little more time to tell a full story for them?  There's even letters that I was like okay this either made no sense or was in my eyes too mainstream cause its been done or rehashed. I was impressed with the animated styles used though their letters weren't helping them cause your left to wonder why did they use this and not that. D to me comes off in the style of a Tool-esque music video but its story is a definite WTF.
Now political and futuristic ideas are even used in the shorts as one story has a female Israeli paratrooper stuck in a tree while a Palestinian soldier threatens to shoot her but ends up you get the idea. I mean the directors of this story Aharon Keshales and Navot Papushado who released Big Bad Wolves last year which to me is their best film to date. Didn't drop the ball so to speak with their short but to me felt like they tried to aim it at something but it came off as why did they choose to do this and not something completely different. Also the use of a "wish" as a story for two young boys who want to be part of their favorite toys adventures turns out to be something a nightmare would only behold for them. Leaving one to wonder is their hero a pedophile?
So  for 26 different directors and the same amount of stories to me ABCs Of Death 2 comes off watered down. Its like nothing here pushed the envelope like the first one did, there's no shock and awe feeling that I had with the first film. To me I felt that for a nearly 2 hour film I was left sitting there going okay that was good and then the next four or five were eh to me. I wasn't too impressed with this movie and felt that they could've done so much better if they pushed the envelope again.
Instead this came off as what a finished mainstream product would look like just to appease the mainstream medium that want to see something that's not going to be bloody, shocking or have a gross out factor. Yeah Y and Z had these things but the first 24 letters to me are passable or just plain forgettable. So having sat through it all and forced to wait till the very end for the stuff I was waiting for I was no happy with this movie and let down. So if your a fan of the first one and are waiting to see this one then go ahead but your going to be just like me and let down cause its nowhere near the same content and material you fell in love with in the first film. So in the end this movie is what it is a poorly done sequel that has no it factor like its predecessor.
 reviewed by Bucky

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