3 Headed Shark Attack (2015)
Synopsis: The world's greatest killing machine is three times as deadly when a mutated, three-headed, great white shark threatens a cruise ship. As the shark eats its way from one end of the ship to the next, the passengers fight the deadly predator using anything they can find.

I did like 2 Headed Shark Attack but I wouldn't go about saying I was a huge fan of it. This one on the other hand, despite it's even more off the wall story, was a huge upgrade from it's predecessor. This does come equipped with some of my favorite SyFy blunders. By that, I means things in a movie that would get eaten alive by critics and would probably cost a special effects team their job. BUT, because of the kind of movie this is, it is not only acceptable, but seems to fit perfectly. My favorite amongst all of these is the bottomless breach. This is where a shark jumps straight out of the water and comes crashing straight down on top of it's victim, eating them as it dives back into the water. Now this is an actual shark hunting technique so there would normally be no issue with a shark kill being depicted this way.

 What makes SyFy's variation of this so off the wall is that the victim normally isn't swimming in the ocean, they are standing in knee high water. Somehow these 25-30 foot sharks can dive straight down into a foot and a half of water. One of the other anomalies is the lack of officially calling for help. In this case, as a group of people made their way to a boat to escape, they called for help on the radio. Unfortunately they weren't on the right channel so their call was received by a charter fishing boat captained by none other than Danny Trejo. He volunteered to go help help them, which was very noble. But while he was on the way, he also could have radioed in for additional help from the Coast Guard or Navy or anyone else who would be properly equipped to deal with the situation. But I guess it was much easier to attempt the rescue himself. And since, I'm on the topic of Danny Trejo, I'm pretty sure you could guess what his weapon of choice is.

3 Headed Shark Attack is yet another solid addition to Sharknado Week. It had a few solid cameos. One being Danny Trejo. The other being WWE Alumni Rob Van Dam. While RVD isn't in line to win an Oscar anytime soon, he definitely was a perfect fit for this style of movie and was actually very good for the role he was in. There are definitely a few twists in this as well, which aren't normally common for SyFy movies. They tend to be more straight forward and what you see is what you get. I do like the approach that SyFy has been taking this whole week. They are sticking to their style but there are mixing in a few aspects that they are not normally known to do. With the addition of 3 Headed Shark Attack, Sharknado Week has been very successful so far. Keep your eyes open as we wind down with just 2 movies left; Zombie Shark and than the premiere of Sharknado 3.

reviewed by Bobby

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