10 CENT PISTOL (2014)

10 Cent Pistol (2014)
Summary: A story about two lifelong criminals who maneuver through the shady underbelly of Los Angeles in search of wealth, love and redemption.
Joe Montegna plays a mobster named Punchy. He is the typical character of the rich criminal who has his hands in everything and no one makes any moves without his consent (and giving him his cut) or else there will be repercussions. One criminal Easton found that out the hard way. He had done a job without Punchy's consent and as punishment, he was forced to do a job for Punchy. He enlisted the help of his friend Jake. Unfortunately, Jake had other plans. He was working on another job that was going to involve robbing a car used to secretly deliver cash deposits. Jake was doing this job without Punchy's consent. Easton repeatedly told Jake not to do. When the night came for Easton's job, Jake left him high and dry to go pull his job instead. Jake's job was successful, Easton's not so much. Easton was shot and Jake had to bring him to Punchy to get medical attention. Meanwhile Punchy knew everything that happened and told them both what their punishment would be. Jake was going to be tailed and bugged by the police constantly, insuring that he would never pull another job again. Easton was going to have to serve some time in jail. He was also told that Punchy was going to hold on to his cut of the job which Punchy had no intention of giving back. Easton got out of jail and immediately went to work with Jake to figure out a plan to rob Punchy and make him pay. And that is pretty much where all hell breaks lose.
The acting was great. Every person in here portrayed their character perfectly. Not just the 3 aforementioned characters but the stoner girlfriend, the doctor who is charged with patching Easton up, as well as some of the other random characters throughout.
This was a really good movie. It was shot in more of a Tarantino fashion where it doesn't happen in chronological order. The whole movie is basically one big flash back that jumps around a lot. It does tend to get a little confusing because there are so many plot twists and since the movie is jumping around so much, it's hard to pay attention to the twist. If you can make it through and still comprehend everything, it is a very solid story. My only really issue with the movie is that one of the main plot twists and essentially spoiled within the first half hour of the movie. Luckily they did save one more twist for the end so I wasn't left disappointed.  

reviewed by Bobby

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