Monday, February 5, 2018


levelFILM boasts diverse lineup for February 2018
Fake Blood, Black Hollow Cage and Poop Talk open in Toronto theatres
levelFILM is pleased to announce their upcoming theatrical slate for February 2018. Ranging from the terrifying to hilarious, levelFILM's slate includes Black Hollow Cage,Fake BloodandPoop Talk. 

Fresh off a smash Toronto opening at Blood in The Snow Festival in Toronto -Fake Bloodblurs the lines of fact and fiction through phenomenal storytelling as it follows two horror filmmakers as they explore the effects of their films after receiving a disturbing fan video. 

Black Hollow Cageis a cerebral journey that twists and turns its audience while telling the story of a young girl who finds a mysterious time-altering cube and uses it to turn back time to prevent a terrible event from occurring. 

On a much lighter note,Poop Talkis the number one movie all about number two. With interviews from today's top comedians -Poop Talkdrops the bomb on how funny guys and gals approach toilet humour and share their funniest poop stories. 
Fake Blood | Documentary, Thriller | 81 mins

Rob Grant and Mike Kovac receive a disturbing fan video inspired by their previous horror movieMon Ami,motivating them to investigate the responsibility of filmmakers in portraying violence in movies. In their pursuit of the truth they are unwittingly introduced to the real world of violent criminals and their victims.

OpeningFebruary 9at The Carlton, Toronto and on VOD/Digital onFebruary 13, 2018.

Director: Rob Grant
Writers: Rob GrantMike Kovac

Poop Talk | Comedy, Documentary | 75 mins

Poop Talk is an open and honest look at a taboo topic in today’s society. The docu-comedy gives an inside look at all things poop — from uncensored, embarrassing moments to scientific explanations recounted by 50 experts and comedians including Kumail Nanjiani, Nicole Byer, Adam Carolla, Rob Corddry, Nikki Glaser, Pete Holmes, Eric Stonestreet, Randy and Jason Sklar, Nick Swardson, Dr. Drew Pinsky and many others.

Opening Day & Date at The Carlton, Toronto and VOD/Digital onFebruary 16, 2018.

Director/Writer: Aaron N. Feldman

Black Hollow Cage | Thriller | 105 Mins

Alice, a thirteen-year-old girl, lives with her father, Adam, in a huge house in the woods following a car accident in which she lost her mother and part of her right arm. Alice blames her father for the accident, she hates rehabilitation and she hates the new electronic arm that she must carry and can barely handle. One day, Alice and her dog Beatrice find a mysterious cubic artifact among the trees near the house. Through the cube, Alice receives messages from who seems to be her future self, warning her of dire events that she must stop. When Adam finds Erika and Paul, two young siblings wounded and helpless, he hosts and protects them from a mysterious pursuer. Alice is then prey to suspicion and mistrust; she and Beatrice are wary of the new inhabitants of the house and the unhealthy atmosphere that seems to have engulfed them all. After a terrible event, Alice, shattered and confused, wants to go back and change what happened. This time the cube could help her to alter the past.

Opening February 16at  The Carlton, Toronto and on VOD/Digital onFebruary 20, 2018.

Director/Writer:  Sadrac González-Perellón

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