Thursday, January 11, 2018


                        Full Moon Gets Eurotrashed!

Full Moon Streaming and Amazon Channels to Showcase Classic and Rare Eurocult films

For the past 5 years Full Moon Streaming and recently, their top-rated international Amazon channels, have showcased not only many of the venerable studio's most popular titles - from TOURIST TRAP to PUPPET MASTER to EVIL BONG - but also a wealth of outlandish, erotic and bizarre European horror, erotic, fantasy and exploitation films; startling titles culled from William (MANIAC) Lustig's Blue Underground library as well as gonzo sexploitation gems from the Something Weird Video vaults and many uncut Jess Franco pictures from Swiss studio Ascot Elite, the later of which resulted in Full Moon's best-selling "Jess Franco Collection" DVD series.

This year, Full Moon taps the Eurocult vein again and is drawing out even more amazing motion pictures, some shocking, some salacious, some revered and many obscure.
First, Full Moon is THRILLED to announce a partnership with noted boutique cult movie distributor Severin Films, a deal that will bring such films as Jess Franco's SHE KILLED IN ECSTASY, DEVIL HUNTER and VAMPIROS LESBOS to our streaming channels as well as wild, wonderfully trashy films like CHRISTINA, BLACK VENUS and CANNIBAL TERROR plus many more. All the films will stream fully uncut and in HD, culled direct from the Severin releases, some of which are now out of print.

Next, Full Moon has renewed our association with Swiss exploitation producer Erwin C. Dietrich's Ascot Elite studio and licensed a pretty pack of sexy classics, all uncut and digitally remastered from Dietrich's own 35mm negatives. Titles included in the deal include the ultra-hot Lina Romay vehicle ROLLS ROYCE BABY, the entire THE YOUNG SEDUCERS trilogy, CAGED WOMEN, SWEDISH GAS PUMP GIRLS and many, many more. We've also locked the rights for the utterly deranged 1971 biker trash masterwork THE MAD FOXES (you have to see this flick to believe it!). All the Ascot Elite movies will stream on our channels and be released on feature-packed DVD special editions later this year.

Now is the best time to sign up for FullMoonStreaming and the Full Moon Amazon channels (now available in US, UK and Germany). Full Moon remains the first and last word in wild international cult movie entertainment. Join us!

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