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Are you excited for October?

We certainly are...but there's still July, August and September to get through...but while you're waiting for the five (yeah, 5) horror Blus we have slated for our all-horror October, we've got plenty of goodies on the way to tide everyone over.

MY CHAUFFEUR limited slipcover edition is already halfway sold out:

July titles are nearing their street date and will be shipping soon. For a refresher, we've got the 80s Crown International comedy favorite, MY CHAUFFEUR, available in a very special limited slipcase edition (exclusively at, featuring some of our favorite 'new' art that we've commissioned. They're selling fast (over halfway gone and still 2 weeks to go before the release date) so pre-order now or risk missing out!

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MATINEE IDOL comes to Blu-ray this month:

Also new on Blu-ray in July is MATINEE IDOL, an absolutely delightful hardcore gem, written and produced by the Mighty Monarch of exploitation cinema himself, David Friedman. It's got an all star cast, a clever script, lavish production design, and much more. Definitely one of our favorite hardcore Blus this year. But what's more is that our edition features Dave's last audio interview ever! Nearly 90 minutes of incredible stories from one of the most incredibly storied producers in exploitation film history.

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Also coming to DVD this month:

And, on DVD, two gritty, grimy, and thoroughly enjoyable yarns from the notorious Shaun Costello, AFTERNOON DELIGHTS and SLAVE OF PLEASURE! Plus, a triple feature of lost-until-now true Times Square trash from the underrated smut auteur, Ralph Ell, featuring his sleazy romps: MORE, MY MASTER MY LOVE and TEENAGE MASSEUSE.

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It's time to officially unveil our August lineup:

August pre-orders are up now at!

Ramping up to our all-horror October, we've got two very different takes on erotically charged physiological thrillers with horror overtones, in the form of Simon Wincer's suspense filled story of murderous obsession set against the shady world of modeling: SNAPSHOT, and Joe Sarno's moody and, vaguely supernatural, macabre melodrama, RED ROSES OF PASSION, the first title in our limited edition Sexploitation Signature Series. If this release, and the couple more we tentatively have planned for later this year, do well, we'll be scheduling plenty more in 2018.

We're also pleased to be bringing the first of many Gerard Damiano films in our library to Blu-ray, with his 1984 drama THROAT… 12 YEARS AFTER.

On the DVD front is another Shaun Costello duo with SUNNY and MORE THAN SISTERS, plus the extraordinarily nasty roughie classic, THE INTRUSION, starring Kim Pope in her most notorious role.

Scroll to the bottom for more details on our August releases.

September tease...

September ups the ante further with a new restoration and Blu-ray premier of a sleazy exploitation masterpiece that's languished for years on DVD, only ever sourced from well worn prints, plus the Blu-ray premiers of two 'horror' titles from opposite ends of the filmmaking spectrum: 60s weirdness and 80s home grown absurdity.
And, just in case you missed it the first couple times in this email, we have 5 HORROR BLU-RAYS slated for October. Plus three more in November...

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Oh and by the way...if you didn't think we were busy enough, if you are ever in the Northeast, please come and visit THE ARCHIVE, our new experimental retail store. It is a powerhouse of Blu-rays, DVDs, Vinyl, VHS, Posters and much, much more!

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More info:

SNAPSHOT aka THE DAY AFTER HALLOWEEN arrives on Blu-ray/DVD August 29th!

Pre-order the limited slipcover edition now at!

Heads up! The first 1,000 copies sold through will include a limited edition slipcover designed by Speed Blur.

Angela (Sigrid Thornton) is a young hair-dresser having a hard time making ends meet. Looking for a fast way to earn some extra money, she accepts a job working as a model. Soon, however, she gets the feeling that someone is watching her; following her...stalking her. Is it her deranged ice cream truck driving ex boyfriend? A psychotic admirer? Or someone more sinister... As Angela delves further into her new and sordid lifestyle, she finds herself growing closer and closer to the deadly truth.

Director Simon Wincer's (Quigley Down Under) slow burn psychological thriller, SNAPSHOT, melds character drama with moments of shocking violence and nail biting suspense. Featuring atmospheric scope photography by Vincent Monton (Road Games) and a pounding soundtrack from Brian May (Mad Max), SNAPSHOT is a forgotten piece of Ozsploitation and is proudly presented on Blu-ray from Vinegar Syndrome, newly restored from its original 35mm camera negative.

• Newly scanned and restored in 2k from the 35mm original camera negative
• Brand new commentary track with: Simon Wincer (director), Tony Ginnane (producer), Sigrid Thornton (lead actress) and Vincent Monton (cinematographer)
• Alternate feature length Australian cut
• “Producing SNAPSHOT” - video interview with Tony Ginnane
• “Not Quite Hollywood - Interviews” - extended interviews from the NQH documentary
• Multiple tv spots
• Behind-the-scenes still gallery
• Reversible cover artwork featuring the original DAY AFTER HALLOWEEN artwork
• Limited slipcover edition (1,000) available only at!

• English SDH Subtitles

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THROAT... 12 YEARS AFTER comes to Blu-ray/DVD August 29th!

Pre-order now at!

In 1972, director Gerard Damiano made one of the most significant erotic films of the decade: Deep Throat. 12 years later, the master of sensual filmmaking crafted this personal story of love, marriage, desire, and reflection, exploring the lives of two young married couples.

Michelle and Walter (Michelle Maren and George Payne) are a monogamous couple who have never made love to anyone but each other and are burning to try new experiences. Meanwhile their friends Louise and Andy (Sharon Kane and Joey Silvera) are seasoned swingers who routinely explore and enjoy new fantasies.

Damiano carefully contrasts their intertwined lives in this thoughtful and sensual drama, expertly photographed by Larry Revene (Corruption) and featuring supporting performances from Sharon Mitchell, Eric Edwards, and Joanna Storm and Jerry Butler.

• Newly scanned and restored in 2k from the 35mm original camera negative
• “Making Michelle” - video interview with lead actress Michelle Maren
• “Filming Throat” - video interview with cinematographer Larry Revene
• Extensive audio interview with supporting actress Sharon Kane, moderated by Casey Scott
• Original theatrical trailer
• Reversible cover artwork
• English SDH Subtitles

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RED ROSES OF PASSION comes to Blu-ray/DVD August 29th!

Pre-order this Limited Edition release now at!

This Blu-ray/DVD combo pack is strictly limited to 2,000 units. The first release in our new Sexploitation Signature Series.

From the mind of erotic auteur Joe Sarno comes RED ROSES OF PASSION, a lurid tale of lust and violence.

Carla is fed up with her dull home life, living a prudish existence with her spinster aunt. After being introduced to a tarot reader, Carla quickly finds herself involved with a mysterious sect known as The Cult of Pan, who have learned to harness the carnal powers of roses to entrap men into sexual liaisons. But as Carla delves deeper into the occult world, the true and much more sinister motives of the cult start to become apparent.

Lauded as one of Sarno's finest films, RED ROSES OF PASSION is a grim melodrama, punctuated by sequences of torrid eroticism.

Starring Sarno regular actors Patricia McNair and Judson Todd and lensed in contrast heavy black and white by future arthouse auteur Tony Lover, RED ROSES is a distinctly original sexploitation classic and has been fully restored by Vinegar Syndrome from its recently unearthed camera negative.

• Newly scanned and restored in 2k from the 35mm original camera negative
• Video interview with Sarno historian Michael Bowen
• English SDH Subtitles

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Also coming to DVD August 29th:
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