Saturday, February 4, 2017


Deeper than love. Darker than death.

Executive Producers Chris Alexander and Barbie Wilde are proud to announce their new feature length horror film project Blue Eyes, starring electronic music legend, performance artist and actor Nivek Ogre (Skinny Puppy, Repo! The Genetic Opera, Queen of Blood).

Blue Eyes will be directed by Chris Alexander (Blood for Irina, Queen of Blood, Female Werewolf and the upcoming Blood Dynasty), with a script written by Alexander and Barbie Wilde, actress (Hellbound: Hellraiser II, Death Wish 3) and author (The Venus Complex, Voices of the Damned). The script is based on an original story by Wilde.

Funding via Kickstarter to be announced. In the meantime, follow Blue Eyes on Twitter and Facebook.

Official Synopsis: Gazza Hunt is a man living on the edge, a man whose life has been battered down by bum luck and bad decisions and who has simply given up. Homeless, hopeless and wracked by addiction, Gazza's desperate existence is interrupted one night when, wandering in the woods, he follows a glowing blue light to a freshly dug hole in the earth where he finds an ethereal, nude sleeping beauty, perfect in every way. But, as Gazza soon learns, this woman isn't asleep. She's dead. And yet somehow Gazza is still uncontrollably drawn to her...this blue girl...with those blue eyes...

Reviews for the work of Chris Alexander:

Blood for Irina: “... a hypnotic, bombastic, audacious, challenging & enveloping cinematic experience.”

Queen of Blood: “…there is an aesthetic beauty to it that makes it visually stunning. It has a breathtaking and exquisite look to it.” —HorrorFreakNews

Female Werewolf is what Alexander calls a ‘fetish’ film, driven by obsessive imagery, sensuality and music, favoring beauty and emotion over graphic gore and shock but still filled with darkness and dread.” —Dread Central

Blood Dynasty shows Alexander sharpening his aesthetic approach.  The photography shows a new carefulness in how shots are framed and composed.  The editing displays a sharper command of rhythm, with certain shots and patterns of shots artfully revived throughout the film like the visual equivalent of motifs in a musical composition.  The score also has a new sense of grandeur, with some score cues having a heavy, prog-rock feel that brings a surprising oomph to certain sequences.” - Schlockmania

Reviews for the work of Barbie Wilde:

The Hellbound Hearts Anthology: “Barbie Wilde’s ‘Sister Cilice’ is devastatingly haunting, piercingly erotic and is one of the true stand-out stories of the anthology.” —All Things Horror

The Venus Complex: “Damaged people, ultraviolence, murder and explicit sex — what’s not to love about her work?” —Fangoria
Voices of the Damned: “…sensual in its brutality.” “As much a chilling collection of frightful fiction as a delight for the darker senses, this is a satisfying triumph in a befitting, unforgiving, style.” —Publishers Weekly Starred Review
Reviews for the work of Nivek Ogre:

“(Ogre) has a presence about him and the theatrics that go with performing music live do him well in film...”

“In Queen of Blood, Nivek Ogre has a breakout scene that will have audiences disturbed and astounded by his ability to literally throw himself into a role.”
Wylie Writes

“Ogre’s visual presentation—both personally, and the construction of the sets and costumes—is the skin and soul of the Skinny Puppy show.” Fangoria

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