Sunday, July 17, 2016


Award Winning director, Sid Zanforlin proves that reconnecting with long lost family can literally be murder in his newest short film, NEVER TEAR US APART. The film follows longtime friends James and Colin on a trip into the backwoods in search of James’ long lost grandparents who he hopes he can reconnect with. When you see a dilapidated cabin in a horror film you know it’s not a sign of happiness or good times to come and when the cabin is inhabited by two bloodthirsty cannibals that only makes things worse. Especially when they are in need of fresh meat.

With Sid’s previous short, ATTACK OF THE BRAINSUCKER having won awards at multiple film festivals including Best Short at Fantasia my expectations for NEVER TEAR US APART was high going in and it did not disappoint. The blending of horror and comedy is a slippery slope that is masterfully displayed here. A perfect blend of gore and guffaws while still managing to pull a bit on the heartstrings. The short is a ‘proof-of-concept’ for a feature length version that is currently in development and I am now anxiously awaiting what Sid and crew will bring to the big screen with a feature length run time.

Sid described the film as a story that subconsciously depicts my life growing up here in Montreal, leaving many times to other cities but ultimately returning because this is where I “fit in”. In essence, I am using the horror genre as a metaphor for the recurring themes I have been grappling with. Never Tear Us Apart is my story, though splattered with a little blood here and there for good measure.
NEVER TEAR US APART will be opening for BAGGHI on Wednesday July 19th at 10 PM at the Hall Theatre of Concordia University. Sid and members of the cast and crew will be in attendance at the screening.

Check out the official trailer below and to know more about Sid’s work go to the official website of HEAD ON THE DOOR PRODUCTIONS.

Never Tear Us Apart - Teaser from Sid Zanforlin on Vimeo.

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