Wednesday, June 8, 2016


ON DVD 20th JUNE 2016

Nordic Noir & Beyond is continuing to grow from strength to strength as market leaders in releasing world class European TV shows to a wider audience. With the recent More 4 releases Heartless, Thicker than Water and the upcoming release of both Clan and Team, their dominance in the Euro-crime sector continues to help secure them as the No.1 Distributor of International TV series within the UK

As 2016 continues, Nordic Noir and Beyond are pleased to announce the release of a new Swedish thriller Blue Eyes, which aired on More 4 earlier this year. Hailed by The Guardian as ‘claustrophobic as Homeland and as tightly wound as The Wire’, this ominous and nail-biting political thriller will be released on DVD from 20th June 2016.

There are only a few, crucial weeks left to the national election when the Chief of Staff at the Justice Department disappears without a trace. As her replacement, Elin Hammar, tries to find out what happened she is thrown into a conspiracy of lies, falsified documents and hidden agendas. At the same time the extreme right wing party, Trygghetspartiet, is heading towards their best election ever.

In the small town of Uddevalla, Annika Nilsson, the party’s local representative is preparing a public speech, in spite of her son´s protest. He accuses her of being a racist and has grown tired of the threats and harassments the family has to endure. Behind the political scenes a series of terror attacks are planned that will send shock waves through the entire nation. Sweden´s first national socialistic terror group is about to surface.

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